Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka: Whose Responsibilities?

Luxury apartments, Highways, Airports, Megacities, supermarkets are not a socio-economic indicator of a country. The happiness of the every citizen should be the vital fact of a society. Though capitalists regimes unconditionally stand for National Physical plane, World Bank and Asian development bank agendas. They do not bother about the priorities of the vulnerable majority.



Loathing Global Politics is Dehumanizing the Mankind

The Arab Middle East is virtually destroyed; its masses bombed, terrorized and displaced as unwanted refugees across many European national frontiers. The real problem of Palestine is replaced by the current wars to capsize the whole of the Arab world.  Who is responsible for all the intriguing wars and backdoor conspiracies to kill one another?



Of Change, Business and Governments

We are only a brief constant in a world of change, and, just like gravity, we need change to keep us securely on our environment. The challenge of change has been encapsulated well by three aphorisms by Michael R. Czinkota ( May 26, 2016, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) Some decades ago, Bill Gates of

Book Reviews


Let the Games Begin—Behind the Olympic Sheen

One of the more innovative chapters in Power Games is titled “The Celebration Capitalist Era.”  It is in this chapter that Boykoff suggests a neoliberal counterpart to Naomi Klein’s much-discussed disaster capitalism.   by Ron Jacobs ( May 21, 2016, Boston, Sri Lanka Guardian) As I write this, news reports of newly discovered failed drug



Ragging, Student Violence, & University Academics: a brief note

University academics who are themselves products of Sri Lankan universities tend to be affected by their involvement in ragging during their student days as either perpetrators or victims and therefore tend to hold views on ragging influenced by their own experience. by Kumudu Kusum Kumara ( May 12, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) If Sri Lankan



Peace Walk in S. Korea: Can a law stop wars?

500,000 signatures collected for the Legislate Peace Campaign  ( May 26, 2016, Seoul, Sri Lanka Guardian) On May 25th, 150 students from Saint Anne’s Girls College in Colombo launched Peace Walk to show their supports to the movement of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWLP), which aims to cease any kinds of war,