Espionage: CIA on Sri Lanka’s Rice Self -Sufficiency Program

(February 19, 2017, Boston – Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka then Ceylon was devolving a Rice Self-Sufficient programme, which later turned into a mafia typed business manipulating by a handful of thieves. However, in this comprehensive intelligent memorandum, the CIA has attempted to evaluate the government policy on rice at that time.

“Soon after her election in the spri1g of 1970, Prime Minister Bandaranaike of Ceylon disclosed her intention to continue the policy of giving priority to the expansion of food production. As a result, of measures taken by previous governments, rice production had grown rapidly and Ceylon’s dependence on rice imports had fallen sharply — from about three-fifths of the total rice available in the early 1950s to about one-fifth in 1969,” a declassified CIA intelligent memorandum noted.

“This memorandum evaluates Ceylon’s progress toward self-sufficiency in rice and the policies that have been responsible for that progress. It. also assesses the outlook for Ceylon’s rice production through the mid-l970s in the perspective of the new government’s declared policy intentions.”

The complete intelligent memorandum reproduced below;

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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