Sri Lanka: Causes of the conflict yet need to be addressed!

( February 2, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Opposition Leader Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP R. Sampanthan said the country’s future depends on if the causes of conflict were adequately addressed: ‘Though violent conflict has come to an end, the causes of the conflict yet need to be addressed.

The Country’s future depends on these issues being addressed on the basis of a reasonable and acceptable consensus,’ the Opposition Leader said in his Independence Day message.

‘There is much expectation that this year will usher reconciliation amongst all people in this country on the basis of equality and dignity which will enable them to be true beneficiaries of Democracy,’ he said.

‘This is essential for the benefit of all people in our Country.’

‘We should all pledge to extend our utmost co-operation to this joint endeavour in the best interests of our Country.’

The full text of the message is reproduced below:

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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