Breaking News: Come what May Britain nominates March 29th as date

by Our London Correspondent

(March 20, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Britain triggers Art.50 to start negotiations on Brexit on March 29 2017 amid early wild rumours than an early general election could even be called on May 4, 2017, 3 years prior to the fixed Parliament date.

“The most important negotiation for this country in a generation,” said Brexit Secretary David Davis. It is reported that this morning March 20, 2017 Sir Tim Barrow, U.K. Permanent Representative to the EU has notified the Office of EU Council President, Donald Tusk to give notice of this date.

Commentators in the European Union believe that the “Letter of Intent” will have to include the terms of the monetary divorce settlement to make an “orderly withdrawal”.

A figure of £57 billion to cover contingency liabilities to EU, are costs that may arise in the future but cannot be quantified at present, has been quoted.

UK already pays about 12% of the EU Budget currently.

Downing Street has confirmed within past few minutes ruling out an early General Election ahead of Brexit negotiations.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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