Exclusive: When Actor Pierces National Security in Sri Lanka

by Our Defence Correspondent

( May 9, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A popular actor who was not once but a couple of times accused for sexual assaults and murder, is now acting out a real life action drama by taking hostage the National Security of this country.

It was not so long ago that he along with another bedfellow facelifted a new security deal with a shady company in Israel to buy a machine for spy agencies to wiretap all the communications by people in the jurisdiction, reliable sources indicated.

However, the machine was much older version and genuine experts in the spy agency find it is nothing but wastage of public money for illegal activities.

The entire episode is similar what we can see in War Dog, Hollywood popup of 2016 based on a true story of arms dealers who took the chance to make big bucks during the Americans War in Iraq.

Nonetheless, nothing has been done by the authority so far as the “manager” in charge in the Ministry of Defence in Colombo, who is propagating himself as the “English speechwriter” to the President has encouraged such unprofessional crawlers to sneak into the National Security system for their personal benefits.

So, actor is safe for rewarding himself with big bucks

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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