Forthcoming Event: A Call for Reconciliation

by Shanaz Razeen

( May 14, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) On the 21st of May this year, eight years would have passed since the end of the thirty-year civil war that caused the deaths of tens of thousands of lives in Sri Lanka. That day ended open hostilities. But, making peace takes more than the cessation of hostilities. When combatants cease fighting, the war ends, but it is not necessarily the beginning of peace.

Creating peace is the responsibility of the people. It requires real change in the minds of everyone at every level of society. A collective memory must speak as one. People should face each other, acknowledge the truth in its entirety and recognize the common humanity in each other.

I am making this appeal on the behalf of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum (Australia).

  • We believe in a just and lasting peace in Sri Lanka and in our diaspora communities, based on accountability, understanding, respect and our shared identity and kinship.
  • We should never forget that every human being killed in the conflict would have been a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, a husband or a wife, a grandfather or a grandmother.
  • We humbly ask you to join us or express your support in honouring every human life lost during the conflict that has afflicted and burdened our country and ensure that none of whom we have lost are forgotten.

Please join us in a solemn ceremony to remember all those who died in the thirty-year conflict in Sri Lanka.

Date: 21st May

Time: 4.00pm (4:30pm start) to 6.00pm

Venue: North Ryde Community Church (2 Cutler Parade, North Ryde, NSW 2113)

Please RSVP (for the event by 17th May) or write to us at

Shanaz Razeen

(On behalf of the Coordinating Committee, Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum)

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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