Sri Lanka: ACJU promotes unethical and loathsome practices — A Response

by Kapilavastu

( May 2, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) When I read Mr. Mohamed Dahlan’s response to the article written by Nelum Vithanage, I could not believe that Mr. Dahlan is doing everything in his power to unleash another ethnic clash. If that happens no one can blame the Sinhala Community or even BBS and full responsibility has to be taken by Mr Dahlan and his ACJU Rizwi Mufthi.

The reason being, the writer Nelum Vithanage, did not write that article for fun or on a whim; it was in response to two press releases published in The Island Newspaper and an article published in the Colombo Telegraph, where they have stated that they have the full submission by Rizwi Mufthi in their possession and they have also given the link for anyone who is interested to see the authenticity of their publication.

Anyone and everyone can see that it is Mr. Mufthi, the Head of the ACJU that had created this unnecessary problem in this country; and to add fuel to fire, Mr. Dahlan comes out with his attack on Nelum Vithanage, being totally ignorant of the press releases by the ACJU and putting the entire Muslim Community in distress and in danger.

He is talking about his righteousness, on which we can write tomes, we know who he is; but it will be a waste time and it will be digressing from the main topic.

Does Mr. Dahlan and his ilk expect the people of Sri Lanka to remain silent, after issuing and publishing such damaging press releases by the All-Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama, which goes against everything that is decent.

Or do they think that they can do anything and everything they want and no one has the right to speak against them?

Mr. Dahlan quotes the rights that they had received; and let me tell you that was during the time, when Sri Lanka was under British Rule, even after Independence in 1948, the British had their Governor General in Sri Lanka.

This continued until such time when the United Front, led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party of Sirimavo Bandaranaike, swept the polls in the 1970 General Election with a two-thirds majority and Mrs. Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister. She convened a group to draft the new constitution, which was promulgated on 22 May 1972. Consequently, the official name of the country became “Republic of Sri Lanka” and the constitution was known as “1972 Republican Constitution”. The new constitution was promulgated on 22 May 1972.

The office of the British representative, the Governor General was made obsolete.

The country has to move forward, all the age-old laws and decrees have to be repealed and replaced. New constitutions had to be made and announced to keep up with the times together with the industrial, scientific and intellectual progress.

We cannot allow Mr. Dahlan and his ilk to interfere and intervene in the progress of a country. We cannot permit him and the ACJU, to promote unethical and loathsome practices in this country. These have to be changed, child-marriages should be banned, paedophiles should be punished. Social laws, like marriage and divorce should be subject to the laws of the country, not according to whims and fancies of each ethnic minority.

The Muslims in this country are only 7 to 8 percent of the total population; but still they have been allowed to practice their religious rituals, they have been given Radio and TV time for the propagation of their faith. But we cannot have them to be intrusive and meddling in the affairs of our country in a very offensive manner.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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