Bangladesh: 48th Independence Day and the new generation with a new world order

Eventually China is going to take all the stakes of Asia like a fresh unchallenged demon.

by Swadesh Roy

( March 26, 2018, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian ) The people who brought independence for us, most of them of that generation have passed away or upward old age; in the same manner, the generation fought against the military ruler in Bangladesh for democracy are now senior citizens. So, the 48th Independence Day is for the new generation. Despite only celebrating it, they have to realize the proposition of this 48th Independence Day and their duties.

They should understand first that within five years, they have to take the responsibilities of this country in all sectors, and when they will take responsibilities of their country, the world order will be different. Even, not only the world, Asia and our neighbour countries will take a new shape. Moreover, the Middle East will lose a major portion of their gripped wealth (basically the oil economy will be narrowed down), and Europe will lose their ideology liberalism in the name of saving European economy and society like Trumps America first. In spite of that, the economy of Europe will not be good. Both the oil economy of Middle East and the liberalism ideology of Europe have immense impact on our socio-economy and politics. On the other hand, then America will need to withdraw many of their stakes from Asia though they are trying to make a Quade to continue their stakes in future, but the present realities say, that will not be very much functional. On the contrary, Asia is growing with imbalance power because of the supreme emerging of China with economy and military power. In Asia, Japan is, no doubt, a big economy, and once it was the second economy in the world; in spite of being in that position, after the Second World War, Japan is never counted as a big power of the world. Truly, without a military power, in this present world, no country is counted as a world power only on the basis of economic power. In this order, India comes as a next economic power after Japan, and not only in Asia, India is now a big economy in the whole world. Moreover, India is also a world military power; especially they are one of the Naval powers in the whole world, and this fact made them different from Japan and they are not counted in the same manner as Japan, but India has another limitation that is poverty. At least 50 percent of the people of India live in poverty. On the contrast, in Asia, China is taking shape in economy and military power enormously. That will make the power imbalanced in economy and military not only in Asia but in the world.

Eventually China is going to take all the stakes of Asia like a fresh unchallenged demon.

However, when the neighbor, the continent Asia, even the world is positioning with this new shape, the new generation of Bangladesh has to take the responsibility of the country.

Even when they will take the responsibility of the country, the population of the country will be at least two hundred million, and it will be two hundred fifty million within the following five years. Similarly, the population of both China and India will be increased. Under that circumstances, the big military and economic power, China, will either try to control the whole Asian market or will try to make a monopoly market in Asia; here to mention that they have already taken the major markets in Asia. In this context, Europe has no ability to fight against China. America and India will jointly fight against China for which they will try to get some far eastern countries and one of the economic powers, Japan, in their side. Besides that, China will try to take more stakes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Conversely, India and America will try to stop that aggression of China at least in Afghanistan. When this entire scenario is going to take shape in the mentioned way, in that situation, Bangladesh has to admit that being one of the transit countries in Asia, we have to act very cautiously for our own economy and the security ground.

So, in this 48th Independence Day, the new generation should understand that running a country is not going to be an easy task for them as then the world will not be like bipolar or unipolar rather will be the multidimensional world. In a bipolar or unipolar world, it is easy, for you can choose a side and run your country maintaining that side. On the contrary, in this multidimensional world and in an imbalanced Asia, the job will be the toughest for a leader of a country like Bangladesh. The new generation should understand it to observe the activities of our present Prime Minister. Like all the new world players, she has understood the change in the world. She is maintaining the emerging economic and military devil, China, by one hand, and India and its friend America by the other hand. She has to maintain it at this age when China has already taken all the Indian stakes in South Asia except Bangladesh, and she has saved all of her country's stakes from all the countries of the world.

Given this context, when the new generation will take the responsibility of the country, the equation between China and India will be more complicated. Similarly, the Asian market will be more multifaceted market, for many places of the human labor will be replaced by robots, but in the meantime, the purchasing power of the Asian countries will be increased. Besides, Asia will also use the robots. With this object, combining the robot- power and the manpower, the production power will be increased in Asia. Even then taking all the huge manpower of Bangladesh, it can go for using robot power in many sectors. In spite of that, it may be true that Bangladesh can get more markets for its all products expanding from Asia to Europe and America. As an illustration, Indian and American market may become freer for the others, for facing the Chinese dragon.

As a result, it may be said that this new complex world is certainly knocking at the door, and we are going to be a part of that world. Again, when we will be the citizen of that new world, the new generation will be in the driving seat of the country. In this context, it is the demand of the time that in this 48th Independence Day, the new generation will take the oath to prepare and build themselves up in way that they can run the country properly in that complicated world. Therefore, they will be happy thinking, 48 years ago, when their motherland Bangladesh was born in the world, it was a small country, but now their motherland is not only a player of Asia but also the player of the world.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor. The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a highest state award winning journalist and can be reached at


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