Sri Lanka: Sirisena is caught up in a political web of his own

What made him behave like this? It appears that he has made some deals with Mahinda and his brothers. It is reported that many of Mahinda’s brothers have been already convicted for many criminal actions and frauds.

by A Sri Lankan Patriotic

( November 20, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankans will never forgive Sirisena for his ungratefulness and political shrewdness. Sri Lankans have seen many politicians in the past and yet, Sirisena is one of stupid politicians of all times in Sri Lankan history. For the last 8 months, he has been plotting to dislodge this government. We all know well both parties UNP &SLFP have done some political blunders and yet, we have not seen a political mistake as of this nature. Sirisena would not have won his presidential election without support of UNP votes and yet, now he is acting against his self-consciousness to dislodge this government. In politics, dirty thing like this cheating is common. To capture power, politicians could do all sort of things and yet, this an abnormal behaviour of Sirisena. This tells how greedy is Sirisena to secure a second term. His political behaviour has sent shocking waves among Sri-Lankans and international communities.

What made him behave like this? It appears that he has made some deals with Mahinda and his brothers. It is reported that many of Mahinda’s brothers have been already convicted for many criminal actions and frauds. It is expected that they will be jailed soon in coming months. So, these convicts have made a deal with Sirisena. That deal is a marriage of political convenience with between Sirisena and Mahinda cohort. It is well known fact that Mahinda has still got some support among Sinhalese community. Despite the fact, Mahinda did so many anti-patriotic frauds in his second term, despite the fact he and his cohort looted billions of public funds through mega projects, Mahinda has still got some vote banks in among Sinhalese community and yet, Sirisena is politically bankrupt. No way, Sirisena could win any election on his own. SLFP party is almost destroyed now. so, to secure his second term he must get support of SLPP. Mahinda too needs support of Sirisena to capture power from back door politics. So, both parties plotted this political coup. Sirisena sacked Ranil in expectation that Ranil will give away power. It did work out for him, secondly Sirisena dissolved parliament. Yet, it did not work out.

Sirisena let parliament to reconvene in expectation that Mahinda group will have the majority and yet they did not. It did not work out for him either. Once again Sirisena let them to reconvene Parliament in expectation that Mahinda group could buy some MPs to his side. This too did work out. Instead, Mahinda groups made a havoc in parliament. Now, for the third time, toady, Parliament is reconvening once again to determine the majority. For the last three weeks Sri Lanka lost its reputation and good name in the world. All this happened due to the shameless actions of one man in Sri Lanka. No any sound man will behave like this. This is nothing but utter misuse and abuse of executive power. Sirisena is doing all this with support of Mahinda. Maithiri on his own does not have any political backing and yet, he solely depends on Mahinda family for his political survival. In return, Mahinda family badly need Sirisena for their political survival and to escape punishment. So, all this political drama was well planned and pre-determined. This kind of political black mailing is not new to Sri Lanka.

It was reported that during the general election in 1983. Vijaya. Kumaratunga won the election in Gampaha in his first count and yet, during the executive presidency of JR, the second count was ordered. At some point during the recounting, a black out took place at the counting centre. This was done deliberately to rip him off his votes. This reminds of craftly acts of Sirisena. Sirisena is buying time to cheat Ranil in this way, using his executive powers. Yet, I think Sirisena’s political coup misfired on him. Unlike in the past, people today are with UNP. This is not because they love UNP but, people hate Sirisena for his cheating behaviours and for his bad actions. It is very much clear what Sirisena did was wrong. His political trick backfired on him, his political magic did not work. He is indeed, caught up in his own political web.

Now he does not know how to come out of it. Even if he came out of it, he will be impeached soon. Otherwise, he will be punished by Mahinda group at some point. His political credibility has already gone. He has already made a political suicide. People will never vote him next time. So, the best option for him is to resign and go home. The more he stays in power, the more Sri Lanka will suffer. It would be wise for him to resign and go home with respect and dignity before people send him home.

Once again people of Sri Lanka are anxiously waiting to see more bloodbath in Parliament. All this take place due to the mistakes of Sirisena. So, he must take responsibility for all this political mess up in Sri Lanka.

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