Sri Lanka: Time is now Ripe for a Crucial Decision

The country is going from bad to worse. The number of political parties among the Tamil community is keeping on increasing, which is not a good sign. I want you to seriously consider joining the TULF founded by our great leaders

Following article based on an open letter sent by the writer to Justice. C.V. Wigneswaran

by V. Anandasangaree

( November 19, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Under compelling circumstances I am writing this open letter with the few suggestions, for you to give serious consideration and to act on them. Although we knew each other for well over fifty eight years from our Law College days, we never discussed politics except on one occasion when we met and discussed about the conduct of one of the members of the TULF, whose identity, I am sure you will know. Never again I have spoken to you about any other person till now in spite of the fact that you were active in politics till the dissolution of the provincial council. The incident referred here took place several years back, when you were still in the Judicial Service. If I remember correct Mr. Nirmalan Karthikesu, who was one of the six gentlemen who were instrumental for the formation of the TNA, of which I was the First President. It is being used very liberally to mislead the Tamil community. In any case Mr. R. Sampanthan had conceded more than once that the TNA was not a formation of the LTTE. He was not a member of the ITAK also and joined the TULF only in 1977, five years after the TULF was formed. That too, to get nominated at the General Election of 1977, which he won along with 17 of us.

The founder of the ITAK, the Late Mr.S.J.V. Chevanayagam never intended to revive the ITAK and left the TULF as his legacy for the Tamil people. It remained defunct for more than two years before his demise and for 27 years after his death. It was Mavai Senathirajah who revived it on paper on the instruction of one Thangan from Vanni and used it to contest in the General Election in 2004 and won 20 seats and qualified for 2 more seats in the National List. The TNA that used an organization committed to violence helped them to win 22 seats. Candidates of rival parties were not allowed to canvas and even not allowed to cast their votes. The 22 members so elected served their full term of six years without any hindrance instead of getting expelled from Parliament for the fraudulent means by which they were elected. This was the best opportunity they had to take up “Indian Model” as the solution for the ethnic problem.

The election of these 22 members of the TNA at the General Election held in 2004 remains as a Black Mark in the history of Sri Lanka’s Parliamentary democracy. The TNA and ITAK should take full responsibility for this heinous crime committed against the Srilankan society, particularly the Tamil community. The pride gained by the TULF by its Members of Parliament resigning their seats protesting against the undemocratic act of previous government, is now lost.

The purpose of mentioning these matters, although not new to you, is to highlight the fact that the present leaders of the TNA who are fully with the government have forgotten the sacrifices made by their predecessors of the TULF. The time is ripe for the genuine leaders to take very crucial decisions based on what is happening today. I need not write much to you in this matter. I hope you will remember how, when you entered politics, I came with the offer of making you the president of the TULF. At that time it was not my intention to continue in politics in view of my age. But I expected you to accept the offer and serve the people to their satisfaction. It is more than 3 years since I made the offer which is still open for you to accept. Please don’t form the impression that I am trying to palm off my responsibilities to the others. Please also remember that this offer was made to you and not for anybody else.

The country is going from bad to worse. The number of political parties among the Tamil community is keeping on increasing, which is not a good sign. I want you to seriously consider joining the TULF founded by our great leaders like S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, G.G. Ponnambalam, A. Amirthalingham, M. Sivasithambaram and such others. You will be surprised that very popular lawyer like the late. Senator S.R. Kanaganayagam was also with us. With so many obstructions and setbacks I managed to save the party from the time the responsibility was thrust on me. I had to fight hard against several odds. Due to my devotion I had for the party and the utmost respect I had for our leaders who are no more and sacrifices I have made for my party and its cause and its policy cannot be described in words. I am happily going through all these hardships for the sake of my people and my country baucause I am fully convinced that out of the parties now functioning, the TULF tops the list in honesty, sincerity and high democratic principles. I am sure no other political party will dare to dispute our claim. Only TULF has the moral right to lead the people and the duty to serve them. In conclusion, I wind up with the request to seriously consider the offer made by me failing which I have no option other than to contest all elections to Parliament and the local bodies on the TULF symbol the “RISING SUN”.

V. Anandasangaree, Secretary General- TULF


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