Supremacy of judiciary prevails in Sri Lanka

Today is a day of Magna Carta for 22 million Sri Lankans. People won their political right through the rule of law and judiciary. Today is a day of political freedom and liberty for 22 million Sri Lankans.

by a patriotic Sri Lankan

( November 14, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today ( November 13) is an historical day in Sri Lankan political and judicial history. Three respected senior judges of Supreme court in bravely gave a suspension order against Gazette notification to dissolve parliament. Sri Lankan president has been manipulating Sri Lankan constitution with support of some SLPP and SLFP MPs. He has been doing it for sometimes for his own personal interest. The entire Sri Lanka knows this.

It is very much clear that wrong constitutional interpretations have been given to manipulate the fact to gain some political mileages. Any discerning student of politics and law would tell you that the president and his cohort have been twisting the different articles of the Sri Lankan constitution to capture power at any cost. Yet, opposition parties, civil societies, lawyers, academics, religious leaders and public did not give up their fight for political correctness and constitutional protection. United forces of different political parties and groups put immense pressure to protect Sri Lankan constitution. We should thank UNP, JVP, TNA and other political parties for this. They all stood firmly on this matter for the last two weeks. Sri Lankan forces too stood firmly without any prejudice.

Today is a day of Magna Carta for 22 million Sri Lankans. People won their political right through the rule of law and judiciary. Today is a day of political freedom and liberty for 22 million Sri Lankans. No longer politicians could fool people in Sri Lanka through back door political entry. People have waked up to reclaim their constitutional rights and parliamentary democracy. No longer politicians could bribe the judges in Sri Lanka. These three judges did not bow down to any political influence (internal or external). They have indeed, done a great job on this matter. They have protected the integrity of Sri Lankan constitution from any misinterpretation and manipulation.

Presidents and Prime ministers in Sri Lanka have a great influence over senior judges and senior civil servants. Yet, it appears in this case, these three judges managed to pass their verdict freely without any political influence or interference from either party. They have indeed, given defendants time and leverage to challenge this verdict. They have adjourned the case but fixed some days for further court hearing. In this way, they have protected the independency and supremacy of supreme court in Sri Lanka. Ideally, judiciary must be free of any political interference. For instance, it is a duty and responsibility of AG in USA to protect the independency of judiciary. AG must act without any political bias or influence. It is great news if Sri Lankan supreme court examine this case impartially without any prejudice and political bias. It will send a strong message to politicians not mess up with judiciary. Freeing judiciary from political influence is a great thing to do in Sri Lanka.

In western countries no one is above law. Each citizen from PMs to ordinary citizens comes under jurisdiction and no one has immunity to escape from punishment. Yet, we have given excessive power for politicians to behave like kings. No longer politicians could behave with immunity in Sri Lanka. We have seen how former South Korean president is prosecuted in South Korea for just giving some financial favours to one of her friends. We, Sri Lankans must bring politicians under strict jurisdiction and the rule of law. They have been jolly riding over public funds and public facilities. They have misused public funds and public facilities. I hope that this legal verdict sends a strong message to politicians to live by law and respect law in Sri Lanka.

It is an historic day that the supremacy of judiciary is protected today without any political influence. Maithri may have tried his best to influence these three judges and yet, they have freely exercised their wisdom, legal knowledge and patriotism to protect the Sri Lankan constitution without any prejudice and bias. We, all Sri Lankans must thank them for their bravery and courage. We all know, how it would be difficult for them to go against the political greed of some political leaders in Sri Lanka. Yet, they did it without any hesitation. They have come under immense threat and intimidation yet they have done their duty, it is our duty to protect them and respect them for doing their public service in this impartial way.


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