Whither Sri Lankan politics?

What examples are we setting for the next generation of Sri Lankans? Are we telling them with this political move it is Ok to grab power by any means?

by A patriotic Lankan

( November 6, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today, 22 million Sri Lankans are worried and concerned about their political future. Each day is passing with uncertainty and unpredictable outcomes. Some fear that this political chaos will take this beautiful country into dark ages. I’m not a supporter of any political party or any political ideological group but I’m very much concerned about the political road map of Sri Lanka. Where will this political uncertainty take Sri Lanka. It has been reported that business sectors have already begun to suffer due to this man-made political tension. Now, terrorists will think twice before they book their holidays in Sri Lanka? This unwanted political move will cost Sri Lankan economy enormously. This unsolicited political strife will inflict a greater damage for Sri Lankan democratic tradition and reputation.

This political move by Sri Lankan president has divided Sri Lankans into two groups. One group supports president’s move and another one opposes his move to appoint a new PM. We are now at a historical turning point in Sri Lankan political map. It is not about the political future of Maithili or about the political future of either Ranil or Mahinda.

It is all about democratic tradition of this country. It is all about people mandate to elect and select whom they wish. It is all about Parliamentary democracy of this country. It is all about law and order of this country. It is all about civic rights and civil society. It is all about our democratic institutions. It is all about our legal and judiciary institutions in Sri Lanka. It is all about the integrity of our constitution in Sri Lanka. It is all about the consciousness of 6:2 million voters who gave their votes to MS. It is all about the political, economic, educational, legal and social future of 22 million Sri Lanka. We are concerned today not because of changing political leadership from one group to another but we concerned about the fundamentals and foundation of Sri Lankan democracy. They are indeed concerned because all these democratic traditions are at stake today with this move. That is why we are concerned about this abrupt move. The county is fading away from 70 years of democratic tradition into Chinese style dictatorial political system.

What examples are we setting for the next generation of Sri Lankans? Are we telling them with this political move it is Ok to grab power by any means? It is a disgrace to see how MPs are bought and sold in public in this political move. The president misused his presidential power to suspend parliament to buy more times to win the majority in Parliament. What type of democracy is this? Can Maithri fool 22 million Sri Lankans. He may get the support of some hard-core MR supporters and yet, believe me 80% of Sri Lankans would oppose such a move. 90% of educated people of all communities oppose this type of political move. Francis Fukuyama 2011 in his book (Origins of political order from prehumen times to the French revolution) defines the three fundamental components of a modern political order. Accordingly, a strong a capable state, the state’s subordination to a rule of law and government accountability to all citizens are those three components. One of the secrets of the success of western democracy is that western political system managed to subordinate all citizens under the rule of law from Kings, Queens Lords, feudal land lords, elites to ordinary citizens all are equal in the eyes of law. The rule of law is applied equally to all. This was one of the pre-conditions for the success of western democratic tradition. No citizen is above all. That is why even today when MPs break the law in England, they plead guilty, take responsibility and happily accept punishment as dictated by law. Today, in Sri Lanka law makers are breaking their own democratic tradition without any disgrace.

There is no doubt Sri Lanka is trapped in geopolitics of some Asian countries. Sri Lanka is trapped in Indo-Chinese geopolitics. China managed to buy Mahinda with its money. China does not follow western democratic traditions. It does not mind about human rights or ecological and environmental disasters. All what they want is to use Sri Lanka as one of its strategic geopolitical locations. China has been encircling many Asian countries with its mighty economic powers. Unfortunately, Mahinda Rajapaksa had adopted some wrong foreign polices during his two terms in our diplomatic relationship with India and China. Recently, China has been putting many African countries in a debt trap with its mega development projects. Unfortunately, we too became a victim of Chinese geopolitical hegemony. Unlike many other countries, China uses its diplomatic and political relations to do business with its friendly countries. Knowingly or unknowingly we became a victim of China’s political ploy. It is generally believed that China has played a role in this political chaos in Sri Lanka. Who can challenge China now? who can question China now? For the personal interest of Mahinda family he put the entire country in hock in the hands of China.

Unlike in the past, to do politics in this virtual world of information and technological advancement, our politicians too must have some thorough knowledge in geopolitics, diplomacy, rules of law, world order, and other areas of modern world. Sri Lanka badly needs a new generation of politicians to take this beautiful country forward. I’m sorry to say that more than 50% of MPs in our parliament are incompetent politicians to meet the political challenges of 21th century. I suggest some first-class graduates with high level of IQs must enter politics to clean Sri Lankan politics from the grip of these political thugs.

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