No vote for the felons and their mango-twigs in Bangladesh

by Anwar A. Khan

should flatly say no vote is for the felons and their mango-twigs in the
general elections scheduled to be held on 30 December 2018 in Bangladesh, because
if we flush back into our past roughshod episode of the 1971 war with
Pakistan’s scallywag military regime, many things peep into our minds.

is our Holy religion in Bangladesh. Payjama, Punjabi, Cap and Beard are all
symbols of our highest respect and when we see all these valuable, noble and
distinguishing features of personal nature in any human being, an inner feeling
of high regard automatically arises in our hearts towards him. And this is
quite natural for Muslims like us. But if some people use our Holy
religion-Islam to achieve their ugly means and wears the above Muslim dresses;
and keep beards to camouflage them from committing their grave misdeeds and
sins, like mass killing, genocide, blazing, looting, raping and the likes, will
you keep silent against them? Will you accept when these culprits to give us
Islamic sermons in the media, in the public meetings and even in our Holy
Mosques? Will you accept them as a political party to contest any elections in

am talking about the war criminals belong to the terrorist political party-
Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) and some other smaller political parties.  Whatever grave crimes these griffins
committed to our people during our glorious Liberation War in 197, they did
using the name of our Holy Religion, Islam. During that time, they boastfully
declared that Pakistan is the Holy Place of Islam. Look at their foul utterance
and audacity! Only these types of third rater of highwaymen could only
pronounce so much lie. More than 4 decades, a very long time, have gone by, by
this time; we see that all war criminals have been resorting to deception time
and again to the lowest ebb. BNP, the country’s major opposition political
party has allotted their election symbol ‘Sheaf of Paddy’ to 25 candidates of
JeI in fain to further demean our pride; and our glorious liberation war.

Oikya Front (JOF) under the stewardship of Dr. Kamal Hossain has accepted this
standing posture of its new confederative BNP barefacedly. JOF’s shameless
support to 25 JeI candidates to participate in the 11th national polls using
the symbol of Sheaf of Paddy is scandalous in light of the devastating effects
these Jamaati goons had on our innocent Bengalis in 1971 and during the last 4
decades or so.

turning down their appeals, the Election Commission has also allowed these
rapscallion politicians of JeI to take part in the 30 December national
elections and thus, the higher court’s verdict which scrapped the registration
of JeI as a political party on the ground of its notoriety in our glorified
Liberation War of 1971 to establish Bangladesh, has been assaulted by them. In
fact, they did not bother to take the spirit of the higher court’s order into
cognizance. And undoubtedly, this is very opprobrious!

If we hark back, these evildoers
insulted our Holy Religion and our most revered Nabiji’s (SM) Sunnat during our
Liberation War in 1971 and they did never feel to express any remorse for the
grave misdeeds they committed to our millions of people in 1971. Are they human
beings? Definitely not! They are sub-humans or griffins; and worst war
criminals! In 1971 and these criminals slaughtered our people pronouncing in a
louder voice “Naray-e-Takbir, Allahu Akbar, Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan is the
holy place of Islam.” They then slaughtered our innocent people and did never
allow the murdered bodies of those innocent people for burial. Instead, they
enthusiastically allowed the dogs, jackals, vultures and other human flesh
eaters to eat those dead bodies. Thus they displayed a “shocking disregard for
civilian lives”. Look at their magnitude of barbarous acts. Can anyone pardon
them for the cruelties in the highest form they did to us?

Eminent journalist and columnist Syed
Badrul Ahsan has said, “These were men without remorse.” Yes, it is absolutely
true in case of the war criminals of Bangladesh who were already hanged to
death and those who are waiting in the cages for the verdicts to be delivered
by the International Tribunal Court and the Apex Court of the country. In fact,
these are not human beings; rather, they are ferocious griffins.

These felons went into
hiding when Bangladesh came into being. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was
brutally murdered in August, 1975. A black-spectacled stage managed so-called
hero Gen. Zia by resorting to colossal betrayal to his saviour Col. Taher
hanged him to death treacherously in a military court and rose to power. To
fulfill his dirty, narrow and mean minded political ends, he freed thousands of
morally reprehensible murderers from the jails at his own free will to cling to
power, became President of the country illegally and formed his political
party, BNP, in an illegitimate way in the cantonment using all government spy
agencies and spending millions of money from the public exchequer. This was not
the end.

To deliberately dishonor
our glorious red-green national flag, the supreme sacrifices of our three
millions of people, disregarding the molestation of three hundred thousands of
our honourable mothers and sisters and the country - Bangladesh which was
achieved through a sea of blood-bath, this black-spectacled vile man picked up
the notorious ant-liberation forces and made them senior leaders of his party.
He also made some of them as Prime Minister, full Cabinet Ministers, half
Ministers, and quarter Ministers and rehabilitated them cheerfully to
everywhere of the country. But the bare truth is that this was not, at all,
required by him. There were so many pro-liberation political leaders and intellectuals
and he could have taken them and the country could have been run rightfully
based on the spirit of our glorious Liberation War and its core values. In the
present days, high magnitude of political acrimony has not come to such a point
of no return among the political parties had he not walked up the back-ward
path like the ghosts and goblins. And Bangladesh politics would not have gone
astray to such a notorious scale.

Roguish Gen. Ershad has
truly followed the skullduggeries of wicked Gen. Zia and made some brutal
murderers of our people in 1971 as his full cabinet Ministers, half Ministers
and quarter Ministers only to demean and belittle our glorious Independence
War, our prideful national flag and what not.

Another time, BNP and
its chief Begum Khaleda Zia with her depraved politics toed the branded tails
of two military dictator political villains’ dirty politics with more vigour to
pompon those war criminals to further reinforce their unbounded audacities to
dishonor us.

For long 47 years, we have been seeing
their unmitigated effrontery and also their having or showing feelings of
unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride for the crimes they committed
because of the above venal politicians.

JeI, the war criminals and their
confederates must not be given a second's peace
whatsoever until their final end comes. They have to be treated like the
pariahs!  They have to live in fear and
know that they would get hanged any minute. Their sons, daughters and their
wives have also no remorse for the murders and rapes these criminals committed
and they have also equally become wicked; it can be said that they will also do
the same nature of misdeeds if these ferocious creatures get any
opportunity.  When they will start acting
like civilised people worthy of a peaceful existence and express pardon for
their elder ones, only then they must be allowed to relax. Until then, there
should be no rest for these wicked.

In any case, the war
criminals should be crushed to ashes so there would be no single scion of them
for the sake of well-being of the people of Bangladesh. We must destroy
completely this bunch of psychopathic murderers and their scions from this
sacred soil. As these are not human beings, they are cruel and bitter enemies
of mankind, humanity, religion-Islam….. There is no moral equivalence between
the Pakistani Military devils and the war criminals of Bangladesh. We also see
that there is no moral equivalence between the Pakistani Military devils and
their despicable cohorts like Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI) goons, Toby Cadman, LA
Carlile, Dr. Ghumdi, David Bergman... their mango-twigs and their present day
JOF cooperators.

Insight into character
comes from listening intently to the spoken word. The physical person, their
Islamic dresses and Islamic dramatic flair is more often used to persuade
people, as they use these stealth tools of disguise and deception. According to
Robin Marantz Henig, “The English language has 112 words for deception,
according to one count, each with a different shade of meaning: collusion,
fakery, malingering, self-deception, confabulation, prevarication,
exaggeration, denial” and these cruel griffins possess all such disgusting
wickedness and immorality in their souls and they acted or act accordingly to
achieve their cruel goals. Everything about them is manipulation, and lies.
Everything is 'Wag the Dog.' Everything is a structured deception in them.

The ghoulish defence
that the war criminals’ camp is entitled to retribution only from the cadavers
is an argument worthy of the crimes at which it is directed.  Nor is the lie direct the only means of
falsehood. They all speak with a Jamaati doubletalk with which to deceive the
unwary. In the Jamaati dictionary of sardonic euphemisms "Final
solution" of the Bangladesh problem for them was a phrase in 1971 which
meant extermination. Besides outright false statements and doubletalk, there are
also other circumventions of truth in the nature of fantastic explanations and
absurd professions presented by the lawyers of the war criminals.

But the truth is that by
conducting trials of the war criminals and hanging of them, we are trying to
establish justice and it is not to taking any revenge, avenge or cobra bite. We
do want to establish justice and this has still been happening to “our very own
hydras” and we want this to continue until and unless the remnants of the
anti-liberation force and their mangos-teen are reduced to ashes.

The other day, we were
listening to the emotional talks about the boundless audacities of the war
criminals backed up by strong reasoning delivered by Dr. Nuzhat Chowdhury, the
daughter of martyred Dr. Abdul Alim Chowdhury in 1971, a noted eye specialist
for a long time in a local TV channel and we were sure that she represented the
whole nation except some few black-sheep of this country.

It has taken us about four
decades to bring some of the king pin war criminals to justice. By this long
time, many people died, and some of the best cases could not be brought to
justice. It was a real tragedy in all respects. Between 2010 and now, more than
20 war criminals have been tried and convicted; and some of them were hanged
for their unspeakable barbarities.

Md. Mujibur Rahman (now
Editor, The Weekly Postcard), our class-mate in the Dhaka University, a close
friend, and one of the first batch trained guerrilla freedom fighters from the
renowned Dehradun Military Academy, India says, “If you allow people who have
committed terrible crimes to live in your midst without taking legal action
against them, you are basically saying it doesn’t matter.”

Another valiant freedom
fighter, our class-mate in the Dhaka University and friend, Syed Hafizul Hoque
reminds us, “The obligation we owe the victims, the responsibility to make a
serious effort to track down those who turned so many innocent men, women, and
children into victims, simply because they were classified as enemies of
Jamaat-e-Islam, other religion trade based political parties and their
notorious Pakistan.”

Theodore Parker’s prophetic
words caution us of the need for constant vigilance, both to protect our
victories and to limit assaults on our cherished freedoms so that we may
continue to advance, as ever, along the arc of the moral universe.

Execution of each war
criminal commemorates the sacrifice of Bengalis who have died in war. It helps
us remember and understand through maintaining the roll of honour and
conducting national commemorative ceremonies. We can read out a few lines of
the poet M. Michael which are germane to the context of the felons and their mango-twigs in

“We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies

The felons should not be allowed to

And no vote for the felons and their

In closing, we wish to say :The wheels of justice must move on, and not stop until we can convince ourselves
that the time for closure is here” and yes, we must not close this
very black chapter unless and until we are fully convinced that the right time
has come before us for its termination of operations. The words echo forever so loud and clear; in here and always
near. Our hands and hearts are right here! JeI criminals, their buddies and
their boundless audacities must finally be stopped up through the ballot
gyration on 30 December 2018 in Bangladesh.

An old adage reminds us, “You
can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” The time has rife enough for final
judgment of the rest war criminals. They and their accomplices should be driven
out from the club of humanity……Because “black will take no other hue” and “the
devils would not listen to the Scriptures”. Gallows is the right answer to
them. But both BNP and JOF have now ornamented taking them to their laps,
whereas they were on the run because of their grievous misdoings. And our
people will not pardon them and their pals for this ileitis.

-The End –

The writer is a senior citizen of
Bangladesh, writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, current
and international affairs.


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