Our Leaders Are Behaving Like Children

We have come here to let them know that change is coming whether they like it or not. 

by Greta Thunberg

Footage: UNFCCC, Videographer Justin K. Davey

For 25 years countless of people have stood in front of the United Nations climate conferences, asking our nation’s leaders to stop the emissions. But, clearly, this has not worked since the emissions just continue to rise.

So I will not ask them anything.

Instead, I will ask the media to start treating the
crisis as a crisis.

Instead, I will ask the people around the world to
realize that our political leaders have failed us.

Because we are facing an existential threat and there is
no time to continue down this road of madness.

Rich countries like Sweden need to start reducing
emissions by at least 15% every year to reach the 2 degree warming target. You
would think the media and everyone of our leaders would be talking about
nothing else — but no one ever even mentions it.

Nor does hardly anyone ever talk about that we are in the
midst of the sixth mass extinction, with up to 200 species going extinct every
single day.

Furthermore, does no one ever speak about the aspect ofequity clearly stated everywhere in the Paris agreement, which is absolutelynecessary to make it work on a global scale. That means that rich countrieslike mine need to get down to zero emissions, within 6–12 years with today'semission speed, so that people in poorer countries can heighten their standardof living by building some of the infrastructures that we have already built.Such as hospitals, electricity and clean drinking water.

Because how can we expect countries like India, Colombia
or Nigeria to care about the climate crisis if we, who already have everything,
don’t care even a second about our actual commitments to the Paris agreement?

So when school started in August this year I sat myself
down on the ground outside the Swedish parliament. I school striked for the climate.

Some people say that I should be in school instead. Some
people say that I should study to become a climate scientist so that I can
”solve the climate crisis”. But the climate crisis has already been solved. We
already have all the facts and solutions.

And why should I be studying for a future that soon may
be no more, when no one is doing anything to save that future? And what is the
point of learning facts when the most important facts clearly mean nothing to
our society?

Today we use 100 million barrels of oil every single day.
There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in
the ground.

So we can’t save the world by playing by the rules.
Because the rules have to be changed.

So we have not come here to beg the world leaders to care
for our future. They have ignored us in the past and they will ignore us again.

We have come here to let them know that change is coming whether they like it or not. The people will rise to the challenge. And since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago.

The above text is written by Greta Thunberg. It is published with Greta Thunberg’s approval.

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