Role of JVP & the current political crisis in Sri Lanka

Throughout this crisis, JVP members behaved with the sense of humour, and with the sense of responsibility wisely in and outside of parliament. They debated with wisdom, substance and logic.

by a Patriotic Lankan

( December 8, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The main objective of this brief article is to gauge the performance of JVP in handling the political crisis in Sri Lanka? How did they handle the political crisis so far? How do they differ from main political parties in their approach to this political crisis? I will try to answer to these questions in this writing.

                It has been more than 5 weeks
now since this political crisis was created in Sri Lanka.  Yet, Sri Lankan political parties have failed
to come to term with any meaningful political settlement. In 70 years of Sri
Lankan political history, we have not seen any political crisis like this. This
is a manmade political disaster. This is created by political miscalculation of
Maithri. For his good luck or bad luck, it has gone out of control now. Neither
parliament nor president could come up with any solution yet. As result of this
indecisiveness, Sri Lankan economy and good will suffered dramatically. I have
been following all these political debates since this crisis started. I
strongly believe that among all Sri Lankan political parties, JVP excelled in
their debates and arguments. Neither UNP nor SLFP could produce any
constructive argument on this crisis. As bankrupt political parties UNP and
SLFP began to engage in blame games. Often both engaged in character
assassination one another. Many MPs behaved in an uncultured and uncivilized
manners. They threw chairs and chilli powders in parliament. Yet, look how did
JVP members behave? How did they react? How did they engage?

        Throughout this crisis, JVP members behaved with the sense of humour, and with the sense of responsibility wisely in and outside of parliament. They debated with wisdom, substance and logic. They behaved politely in a civilised and cultured manner. They argued withpoints and they challenged their opponents with logical and rational questions.It is very much clear for public that UNP, SLFP and SLPP are engaged in a powerstruggle. It is a three-way struggle between UNP, SLFP and SLPP. It is verymuch clear this crisis is nothing but a power struggle between the presidentand PM and eventually it ended up in a political gridlock.

        Many attempts have been made to resolve
this problem through parliament voting and judiciary. Still we are waiting to
hear court verdict about the actions of the president. I do not know if both
parities will obey by court verdicts. Yet, I find that JVP’s approach to
resolve this problem is more convincing to point out here. Under this critical
political chaos, they have proposed 4 steps to resolve this problem.

  1. Maithri must be defeated in a
    democratic way to save Sri Lanka. JVP see that this problem is created by Maithri
    by misusing his executive power. They strongly believe that Maithri has acted
    against the constitution. So, he must be defeated.
  2. JVP strongly believe that all whose
    people who collaborated with this political coup must be brought into court of
    law. They claim that there must be a public enquiry to investigate all those
    who collaborated in this political coup. A free and independent public inquiry
    commission must be set up to investigate this broad light political coup.
    Otherwise, this coup will be a bad political precedent for all politicians to
    play around with Sri Lankan constitution. Sri Lankan constitution will be come
    like toilet paper for politicians to use it as and when they like in a way they
  3. They strongly believe that this
    executive president system is no viable to Sri Lanka. We may remove Maithri but
    someone else will come in his place. Sometimes, he will act in the same way
    Maithri acted against the constitution. So, this, we must change this executive
  4. Finally, they propose that we should
    run a referendum to decide to decide if people like this system or not. If
    people decide to have this system or any other political, they could decide it.

most selfish and crook politicians of SLFP, SLPP and UNP, JVP stand with its policy.
They do not change their policy to get any personal gains or benefit. They live
by their words and actions. They strict to their words and their actions. They
are dedicated to this nation and for its people .so, I think that people should
forget what happened in the past and vote for JVP in coming elections to see
some changes in Sri Lanka. We have had enough. We gave 70 years of Sri Lankan
politics in the hands of UNP and SLEF, they have done nothing to Sri Lankan
except they have damaged the image of Sri Lanka.

              Consider all countries around us. Most of the country in Asia are rapidly developing. If we do not wake up, SriLanka will be left out. If we do not act now wisely Sri Lankan people will haveto suffer. So, wake up Sri Lankans against this corrupt political system. Ourimage has been badly tarnished by this action of Maithri. It will take years torepair that damage. So, do not let Maithri to ruin Sri Lanka.


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