Sri Lanka: To Ranil and the rest of the Pachyderms

by A Special Correspondent

Please do not delude yourself that your return is vindication that you lot are doing a good job. We opposed the unconstitutional actions of the president and his blatant disregard for the laws of this country. I daresay that our reaction to his actions would have been the same no matter who was in power. We didn’t stand up for you - we stood for democracy in our beautiful country. Please understand that. 

Understand also that in most of our eyes you lot have failed us too. You lot are no betterthan the gang sent packing a little over a two years ago. You lot aren’t eventhe best of the worst like you were then - you and your gang are just as bad inour eyes. 

We as a country seem destined to suffer through the curse of having politicians and no statesman. Politicians who do not give a damn about the people or thiscountry save to use them to line their own pockets. And yes, you and your gangare just as guilty as the ones you point fingers at. Hopefully, one day soon we will be rid of all you and have leaders that actually understand and appreciate that we entrust our futures and the futures of our children to them. That is a sacred and holy thing. It is not a fucking license to rob us blind likeeveryone of the current 225 of you and you cohorts are doing! 

lot better understand one thing. The people of this country ousted someone who
thought he was invincible two years ago. You didn’t do that. Neither did the
president. It was us. We did that. We did it because we didn’t like what was
happening to our country. This time around we did the same. Not for you. We did
it again for our country. Notice a trend here? 

you and your entire herd better understand that if you continue to fuck around
we aren’t averse to doing the same to you. If you noticed for the past 50 days
while you lot played who’s cock is bigger this country still ran. Despite
everything everyone of you did this country didn’t come crashing down to its
knees. It kept going. And you know who ensured that? Again we, the people of
this country, did. 

go ahead and act smug tomorrow. Enjoy your moment in the sun. Even do bit of
chest thumping. We would prefer if you got down on your fucking knees and
begged for our forgiveness for failing us for the last two years and bit, because
all 225 did indeed failed us. For the last two years and certainly for the last
50 days. (You are not absolved of blame here because you got played.) But that
might be wishful thinking.

then get off your asses, stop playing the victim and get to work. For the love
of god do something that actually might resemble what we elected you to do. We
aren’t looking for miracles here - we keep our standards low because why set
ourselves up for further disappointment - but at least don’t make it worse for
us. Don’t ruin and hurt this country any further. That’s the least we expect.
It’s our country. It’s one we love and cherish. It’s ALL we have.

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