The Myth of Western Democracy

by Paul Craig Roberts

How does the West get away with its pretense of being an alliance of great democracies in which government is the servant of the people?

Nowhere in the West, except possibly Hungary and Austria, does government serve the people.

Who do the Western governments serve? Washington serves Israel,
the military/security complex, Wall Street, the big banks, and the fossil fuel

The entirety of the rest of the West serves Washington.

Nowhere in the West do the people count. The American working
class, betrayed by the Democrats who sent their jobs to Asia, elected Donald
Trump and the American people were promptly dismissed by the Democratic
candidate Hillary Clinton as “the Trump deplorables.”

The Democrats, like the Republicans, serve power, not the

In Europe we see the squashing of democracy everywhere.

British prime minister May has turned Brexit into subservience
to the EU. She has betrayed the British people and has not yet been hung off of
a lamp post, which shows how acceptance the British people are of betrayal. The
British people have learned that they do not count. They are as a nothing.

The Greeks voted for a leftwing government that promised to
protect them from the EU, IMF, and big banks, but promptly sold them out with
austerity agreements that destroyed what remained of Greek sovereignty and
Greek living standards. Today the EU has reduced Greece to a Third World

The French have been in the streets in revolt for weeks against
the French president who serves everyone except the French people.

There are currently massive protests in Brussels, Belgium, with
half the government also resigning in protest against the government signing a
pact that will replace the Belgian people with migrants from Africa, the Middle
East, and Asia. The corrupt and despicable governments who signed this pact
represent foreigners and George Soros’ money, not their own citizens.

Why are citizens so powerless that their governments can elevate
the interest of foreigners far above the interests of citizens?

There are a number of reasons. The main one is that the people
are disarmed and are propagandized to accept violence from the state against
them, but not to deliver violence in return against the governments’ illegal
use of force against citizens.

In short, until the conquered peoples of Europe kill the police,
who serve the ruling elite and delight in inflicting brutality against those
whose taxes pay their salaries, take the weapons from the police, and kill the
corrupt politicians who have sold them out, the peoples of Europe will remain a
conquered and oppressed peoples.

Some time past Chris Hedges, one of the remaining real
journalists, made it clear that without violent revolution to excise the tumor
of government superiority over the people, freedom throughout the West is dead
as a doornail.

The question before us is whether the Western peoples are too
brainwashed, too firmly locked in The Matrix, to exhausted to stand up and
defend their freedom. Resistance is happening in France and Belgium, but the
government that sold out Greece hasn’t been hung off of lamp posts. Americans
are so brainwashed that they think Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and
Venezuela are their enemies when it is perfectly clear that their Enemy is
“their” government in Washington.

Except for my American readers, Americans are locked in The
Matrix. And they will kill in order to stay in The Matrix, where the controlled
explanations are reassuring. Anyone who looks to Washington for leadership is
an idiot.

Washington is a master of propaganda. Washington’s propaganda
has even infected the Russian government, which from all reports stupidly
believes that accommodation to Washington is the secret that will make Russia

A government this stupid has no chance of survival.


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