Brexit : “Put it to the People” March to Parliament

The question on the minds of many is whether the march will change anything?

by our London Correspondent

We have seen many marches in Britain, but the March estimated at over one million people from all over Britain starting from Hyde Park through Piccadilly, past Trafalgar Square through Whitehall and up to Parliament Square on Saturday, March 23, 2019, to protest about Brexit was one among the biggest protests seen on the streets of London.

It seemed as it was a show of EU flags with many EU nationals as well as Britain’s
tired and weary wanting to take their grievances on the state of affairs in the country after nearly three years of indecision in Parliament.

I saw both young and old people waving placards and demanding another say on Brexit. “B...ocks to Brexit, It’s Not a Done Deal” were stickers on the lapels of nearly everyone, as Politicians from all of the major parties addressed the massive crowd.

The question on the minds of many is whether the march will change anything?

Protest marches have been held before. In 2003 similar numbers gathered in protest of the war in Iraq. Nothing happened. In 2011 there was a march by protesters wanting to end income inequality. In 2017, women all over UK gathered in London to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump, but other than headlines, nothing really happened to alter events.

Brexit is due to take place this Friday 29 March 2019.

UK and EU have now agreed to delay the exit date to April 12 or May 21, if Parliament
votes for the Deal done with the EU by Prime Minister, Theresa May.

But there is also a chorus growing for Theresa May to stand down. There is according to reports plotting to replace her with an Interim Leader. Who will it be?

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