Sri Lanka: Budget 2019 - Roads and Expressways

The appropriations bill and budget proposals allocate Rs. 194 billion for investment in roads and expressways.

The development of a high quality network of roads is a crucial enabler for economic activity and public convenience. The government has invested over Rs. 700 billion in roads since coming into office in 2015.

This includes Rs. 32.7 billion for the extension of the Southern Expressway and Rs. 15.4 billion for stage III of the outer circular highway. 
Work on section I and III of the Central Expressway will continue while continuing work on Section II. 

Work on the Ruwanpura Expressway, connecting Ratnapura District to the Southern Expressway will commence in 2019. 

Rs. 15.4 billion is allocated for the integrated road investment programme and Rs. 7.6 billion is allocated for provincial road development initiatives.

The Gampereliya and Ran Mawathprogrammes (Rs. 10 billion) will see significant investments in rural roads as well.  

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