India: Why Not Modi Again?

Modi’s second term is warranted not so much as a gift for his excellent performance in the first term, as for the many things that are yet to be done, and are crying to be done

by Rajnikant Puranik

That it should be Narendra Modi, and Modi alone, who deserves to be and should therefore be elected as India’s Prime Minister for another five-year term in May 2019 is something all right-thinking persons who care for their country and its people ardently desire.

Modi’s case for a second-term is watertight from all angles: his overall performance as PM since 2014; the overall performance of his government for the last five years; his coming good on “na khaounga, aur na khane doonga” at the top Union Govt. level—a stellar achievement given the dismal record of the Congress in the area since independence, and its criminal record during 2004-14; the surety of further huge positive changes that could dramatically lift India into the top bracket should Modi get another five years.

Rather than enumerating and detailing Modi government’s commendable 360-degree performance and significant achievements that would take several pages, the readers are requested to refer to the numerous websites and social-media data on twitter and facebook, for example.

Modi’s second term is warranted not so much as a gift for his excellent performance in the first term, as for the many things that are yet to be done, and are crying to be done, and to which Modi alone can do justice—they have been neglected or mishandled or deliberately done otherwise during the many decades of the Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty misrule. It’s a long list, but some of its main items as follows: Junk further the poverty-perpetuating socialism. Liberalise and disinvest further—implement what Modi had himself said in 2014, “Government has no business to be in business”. Encourage open and competitive market structures. Further root-out crony-capitalism and crony-socialism. Be industry-friendly, and not industry-hostile. Further encourage entrepreneurship. Bring about drastic reforms in the agricultural and rural sector. Promote organic farming massively. Discourage industrialization of food and FDI that promotes it. Link rivers. 

Complete Ganga-Yamuna clean-up, and indeed clean-up all rivers. Reduce income-tax further and ensure greater compliance and higher collections. Reduce poverty and increase prosperity through meaningful job-creation and self-employment, rather than through hand-outs. Shun cheap vote-catching, dole-out mai-baap sarkar measures for the poor, à la Congress. Bring about drastic judicial, police, governance, and administrative reforms. Give lateral entry to the specialists and experts from outside into the government at all levels. Gradually, all top level positions in the government should be held only be experts and specialists, and not by IAS generalists. Introduce more transparency. Root-out corruption further, especially at the state-level. Whatever happened to bringing black-money from abroad? Open up the Education Sector. Massively increase the budget at all levels of education. Withdraw RTE Act. Float a massive project of writing honest, authentic, evidence-based Indian history, junking the grossly distorted Marxist-Communist-Nehruvian version, and base school-college text-books on the same. Illegal proselytization—through enticements, incentives, threats, violence, defaming other religions—should be made a criminal offence, and the law must be strictly enforced. Hindu temples and establishments should be freed from government controls. Sanskrit and Indian’s cultural-civilisational heritage must be taught in schools. Article 370 and 35A applicable for J&K must be abolished. Kashmiri Pandits should be properly and fully rehabilitated in the next five years. They should also be provided adequate compensation. J&K should be divided into four parts (states or union territories): Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley area earmarked exclusively for Kashmiri Pandits, remaining area of Kashmir Valley. Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims should be sent back. Uniform Civil Code should be implemented. Population control measures should be enforced across denominations; for example, family size exceeding husband-wife-2 or 3 children should be denied government facilities/subsidies.

Many opine that the economy could have been better handled in the first term, and had that been so getting a second term would have been a cake-walk for Modi. Of course, many excellent economic measures had been taken, but more needed to be done—something which a lawyer FM lacking in the required mindset could not do. Hopefully, the second term of Modi would see a new FM like Subramanian Swamy or Piyush Goel or some other competent person. HRD needs to be taken seriously, and we need to have a very competent minister heading it. The other thing lacking in the first term was not having booked the corrupt—that should be rectified in the second term.

While history is witness to the terrible rule of the Mahagathbandhan-Khichdi at the Centre represented by Charan Singh, VP Singh, Chandrashekhar, HD Devegowda, IK Gujaral and so on; and the as bad or worse rule of their components at the state-level like Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, and Akhilesh Yadav in UP, Communist Parties in West Bengal and Kerala, Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, Lalu Prasad Yadav and his wife and sons in Bihar, DMK in Tamil Nadu, CB Naidu in AP, NCP-Congress in Maharashtra, JDS-Congress in Karnataka; the record of the Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty represented by Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, and Sonia-Manmohan is hardly better. Nehru is regarded as the best in the Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty sequence, yet he made a huge number of blunders: please read my book “Nehru’s 97 Major Blunders” available on Amazon, both in digital and paper editions. The rule of Indira, Rajiv, Sonia-Manmohan was scam-ridden, and much worse than Nehru’s. The unutterable underachievements of the underwhelming leadership of the Nehru-Dynasty, with their poverty-perpetuating and misery-multiplying socialism and bureaucracy, and their scams and blunders, had kept India forever a developing third-rate third-world country. And now comes Rahul Gandhi (RG). It is worth noting the reverse geometric progression of woefully falling standards from Nehru down to Rahul Gandhi—the members of the dynasty become worse and worse down the generation. The way RG talks, argues, ‘articulates’, explains, behaves, and conducts himself amply demonstrate how he is totally unsuited for any responsible position—PM being a far, far cry!

Further, both the Congress and almost all the components of MGB are headed by dynasts, and all of them are invariably corrupt, and of doubtful integrity. Most of them have legal cases of corruption against them, and their all-out attempt to grab power is mainly driven by their anxiety to somehow save themselves.

That there are journalists, writers, and intellectuals who support Sonia-RG-Congress and the MGB, also called the TGB (Thug-Gath-Bandhan), is really baffling. Apart from the Award-Wapsi-Gang comprising mostly vested interests and urban naxals, reportedly a group of about 100 intellectuals have called upon people to vote for diversity and multiculturism, implying the same are under threat under Modi! How is it that these worthies can’t see what is obvious and crystal-clear to common-men, and persons of average intelligence?

Hopefully, the Indian voter would rise above the extraneous considerations of caste, religion, region, and election-time bribes, and keeping in mind the MCGB (Maha-Chor-GathBandhan) of UPA-I and UPA-II, would vote overwhelmingly for Modi.

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