Whither Sri Lanka today?

Do whatever you could do but believe me Karma will turn on you and on your progenies

by A Sri Lankan in London

No one will benefit from this unrest and instability in Sri Lanka today. Each Sri Lankan will have to pay the price for this chaotic condition. We all know that some so-called Muslim radicals have done these barbaric attacks on Easter Sunday. The entire Muslim community condemned it. Moreover, the Sri Lankan Muslim community did not approve the bodies of those suicide bombers to be buried in the Muslim graveyard. This, Muslim community has nothing to do with these radical suicide bombers. Muslim clerics, politicians, and academics have explicitly explained to public about these many times, through media, social networks and newspapers. Yet, these racist Sinhalese gangs cannot understand this.

Despite all clarifications that are made by Muslim political and religious leaders, anti-Muslim violence has been increasing for the last two weeks. Why cannot government and law enforcement agents bring peace and instability into the country? Who are going to lose out by all these chaos and anarchies? What do these Sinhalese racists want to get out of these violent attacks on innocent Muslim communities? what will they get at the end of the day? What message you want to send to the world by these violent activities? Whose properties and assets they are destroying now? Aren’t they national properties and assets of Sri Lanka? What worries me more is the silence of the majorities of Sinhalese community? Why do not Sinhalese community leaders come out and condemn these racial attacks on innocent Muslim community? Why cannot they demand the government to do something to stop this anarchy?

All what takes place in Kurunegala district is appalling and inhuman. It is estimated more than 86 small villages are in this district. Muslims are scarcely scattered in this district. Some of Muslim villages have less than 50 Muslim families surrounded completely by Sinhalese villages. These Sinhalese mobs have chosen weakest link among Sri Lankan Muslim community to attack with knives and wood sticks. 500 to 1000 mobs were going to village to village attacking mosques, shops and houses of Muslims in these villages. What crime these innocent Muslims have done to do this? All those connected with Sunday Easter attacks have been detained and jailed. Now do these mobs law in their hands? What message this sends about Sri Lanka today?

Most Muslim traders make their date to date living through these petty business and retail trading? Why do these racists enjoy in inflicting harm and damage on others? Is it what Jesus told you to do? Is it what Lord Buddha told to you? How did these youths descend into this level of unkindness? Where is the human consciousness of these people? I too strongly condemn so called Muslim radicals who committed barbaric suicidal attacks on innocent people. yet, why should Sinhalese youths follow them in their barbarism? Do not these racists think that they are damaging ecology and environment of Sri Lanka by burning down houses, properties and mosques? Why do they target mosques? I do not think that these are carried out by Sinhalese Roman Catholics of Sri Lanka? Some appalling reports are coming out now about these attacks and intimidation. Many Sri Lankan Muslims have been harassed, insulted, told off and affronted in many places across Sri Lanka. They have been ill-treated in government offices, hospitals, public transports, and many places? Yet, no action has been taken yet. For the last 8 years BBS has been unleashing violence against the Sri Lankan Muslim community. All their atrocities are well documented and recoded in audio and video records and yet, the Sri Lanka government apparatuses including judiciary has been silent on these collective crimes against the entire Muslim community. Why this indifferent attitude to the Muslim community now? Is it because of our faith and belief? If you do not like Muslims, why do you send more than 3 million Sri Lankans to Muslim countries to earn your foreign currencies? Why do you get aids and loans from Muslim countries? What a thanksgiving is this? What an ungratefulness is this?
I’m sorry to say that there are some crafty political motives behind these all attacks. Some politicians want to catch fish in trouble waters. They want to make use of these tense situations to isolate minority communities in order to increase their votes banks from the majority communities. Moreover, they want to send a message that this government is weak and powerless to control the situation so, send them home so that we could give you the stability in the country. I’m dismayed to see that all these attacks took place while the security forces and police were doing nothing to stop these mobs. It is reported that many of these attacks took place while curfew was imposed. What does this tell us? It tells us some elements of Sri Lankan police and military are directly supporting these Sinhalese racists? Why can not they stop these racists from burning houses, shops and mosques? Suppose if any other ethnic groups burn Sinhalese shops or houses, will they stay idle like this doing nothing? Recently STF shoot dead some Muslims during the riot at Aluthgama. Yet, when these racist mobs were attacking Muslim shops and mosques there was no shooting at least at sky to disperse these racists. This is nothing but an utter discrimination. This is nothing but to do maximum financial damage to the Muslim community.

Do whatever you could do but believe me Karma will turn on you and on your progenies. What will this bring to Sri Lanka. Far reaching consequences and repercussions of these attacks will be manifolds. It will tarnish a good name of Sri Lanka internationally. As a result of this we will see a dramatic decrease in tourist arrivals. Sri Lankan economy will suffer dramatically. Sri Lankan business sectors will suffer enormously. International investors will think twice before they invest anything in Sri Lanka. A lot of friends who want to visit Sri Lankan during the summer have already decided not to book any tickets to Sri Lanka this year. What about local trades and business? All will be affected by this violence and yet, some Sri Lankan police and STF were looking at these rioting people doing nothing? What kind of stupidity is this? Can you expect this kind of behaviour from any professional police force or military in the world? police in African countries will do better than Sri Lankan police. I think these racial elements among Sinhalese communities are real enemies of Sri Lanka. They destroy national wealth of Sri Lanka. How could they be loyal citizens of this nation? It is a duty of judiciary to find them all and put them all behind bars to teach them a lifetime lesson. These racists are destabilising law and order in Sri Lanka. There is no doubt about this. Do you need any more evidence for this? So, apprehend them all and put them behind the bar. Their criminal behaviours are not acceptable at all. whither Sri Lanka today? so bad to see this unfolding barbarism? 

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