Sri Lanka: Sirisena signs four death penalties

Expressed disagreement with proposed ACSA & SOFA defence agreements with the USA

Sri Lankan President Miathripala Sirisena said before the selected Media Heads in the country, that he has signed the execution of four persons sentenced to death over drug offences & it will be carried out soon.

Meanwhile, he assured that he will follow any decision taken by the SLFP with regards to contesting for the next Presidential Elections.

While admitting the President says that there is political instability in the country & said it is a result of the 19th amendment.

“Whoever comes to power from the next Presidential Election, should take steps to abolish the 19th amendment, if he loves the country,” he suggested

However, in 2015 he was bagged about the 19th constitutional amendment and asked entire country to support it. Click here to watch the video of his speech in the Parliament.

Meanwhile, during the meeting with the media heads, carefully selected by the Media Division of the President Sirisena, he has confirmed that he is against the signing of proposed ACSA & SOFA defence agreements with the USA.

While commenting on Parliamentary Select Committee, which is “investigating” the Easter Sunday Bombings, President Sirisena identified it as a political drama of Temple Tress.


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