Hong Kong: All flights cancelled until tomorrow morning, in-town check-in halted

All flights at Hong Kong International Airport have been cancelled for today other than those for which check-in has been completed, the airport operator said.

"Other than departure flights that have completed the check-in process and the arrival flights already heading to Hong Kong, all other flights have been cancelled for the rest of today," the authority said in a statement.

Hong Kong International Airport

The flight cancelations will last until tomorrow morning, Cathay Pacific Airways advised its passengers. Rebooking and rerouting charges will be waived for all tickets issued worldwide, the airline said.

The MTR Corp suspended in-town check-in at Hong Kong Station and Kowloon Station for the Airport Express until further notice.

This came as a sit-in continued for a third day today at the main terminal causing heavy disruptions, even escalators were occupied by protesters.

Vehicle and people traffic has built up. Roads to the airport are "very congested and car park spaces were full,'' the authority said.

Protesters have been converging on the airport since noon today. They began the sit-in protest on Friday.

Citybus diverted routes A11, A21, A22, A29 through Shun Long Road, Chek Lap Kok Road, HZMB HK port and then on to Airport Ground Transportation Centre. Also routes A10, A12, A20, A26, A29P to airport were diverted via Shun Long Road, Chek Lap Kok Road, Cheong Lin Road and Airport Road, and to return to original route.


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