Sri Lanka: JVP’s new political culture

Imran Kahn made political history in Pakistan. We could repeat that political change in Sri Lanka too, if only people vote for AKD in this election.

by Dr SLM Rifai

There is no doubt JVP and their leaders Anura Kumara Dissanayake ( AKD) are creating a new wave of political storm in Sri Lanka. Whether AKD wins this election or not, indeed, he is creating a new political culture in Sri Lanka. Any discerning student of Sri Lankan politics would agree that AKD is far better than other two presidential candidates in terms of political arguments, debating skills, presentation skills, eloquence in Sinhalese language, political rhetoric and substance in political discussion. AKD speaks with vigorous tone and yet, with meaningful arguments. He exposes the political weakness of his opponents with rational and logical evidence. His talks are substantiated with statistical evidence, statistics and facts. He does not talk nonsense in his political platforms. He does not speak rubbish in his political talks and discussion. His talks are attracting thousands of Sri Lankan youths towards JVP. Sri Lankans love to listen to his talks than to any other candidates. I think that more than 60% Sri Lankan youths love his political debates than any other’s.

Anura was welcomed by his supporters in Ampara 

Today, many Sri Lankan intellectuals, academics, professionals and civil servants are backing the politics of JVP than any other two political parties. Poor and weak people of Sri Lankans are backing JVP in their politics. To be honest, today, a substantial number of Sri Lankans are supporting clean politics of JVP. I do not exaggerate but JVP propose some radical political changes in Sri Lanka. It is creating a new political precedent in Sri Lanka. Political leaders of JVP appeal to human minds and make people rethink about their politics, they educate people with their political ideologies and principles. They educate people to declare that politics is nothing but public service. Democracy is nothing but a social contract between people and rulers. People have a choice to elect the most suitable and most qualified people in democratic traditions. JVP is appealing to people to elect the most qualified people in parliament. So that Sri Lankans could have a brighter future for them.

They are updating their political knowledge and political awareness. If someone thinks that they have outdated political theories of socialism, communism of Lenin and Karl Max, it would be wrong. Of course, JVP propose some kinds of socialism that suites Sri Lankan context and yet, today there is not any pure communist or socialist country in the world. Event China has become a state capitalist country today in the world. China is invading many Afro-Asian countries with its economic expansion policies. Today, political economies dominate this world. Every aspect of human life has been commercialised in this modern world. If any Sri Lankan reads JVP with its old idealogy, it would be wrong. JVP is dramatically changing its political methods and methodologies. It has incorporated some new political strategies and policies. It has integrated some inclusive political policies with support of many political parties. Today, many political parties are working with JVP in this election to defeat some corrupt political leaders in Sri Lanka.

If JVP is a fantastic political party, why it cannot win election? That is a sensible question to ask. There is no doubt JVP has a dedicated, qualified and honest team of politicians today. Unlike other politicians who come into politics to milk government coffin, JVP members are honest.They will never loot public fund. It is against their basic principles to engage in fraud and corruptions. In fact, it is reported that many JVP members have sacrificed their government salaries for public service.JVP has not used any government apparatus for their party politics. They are advocating clean politics in Sri Lanka. yet, they can not win. Why?

We could consider many reasons for this. Sri Lankan villagers are not politically educated enough to differentiate political facts from political lies and fabrication. Two main political parties have been fooling people for the last 70 years and yet, people do not know that they have been conned by successive governments for all these 7 decades. People have lost a great deal of material benefits and welfare due to incorrectness of political leadership. 30 years of war, mismanagement of public funds such as CB scams, corruption of politicians, frauds, unsustainable mega projects, and authoritarianism have done great damage to Sri Lankan economy. Yet, people do not care about all this and keep voting to main political parties. Traditional political parties have done a great damage to Sri Lanka so, alternative politics is a must for Sri Lanka.

Secondly, people have a nostalgia about the history of JVP. JVP rebellions in 1971,1988, and 1989 are still vivid in the memory of people. Although, the young generation do not know any thing about it, old generations are still recalling those memories. Most Sinhalese cannot get rid of those memories. That is why they are not yet, ready to vote for JVP. I would argue that today JVP follows a democratic path and it does not resort to any violence. If it follows a democratic path, people should vote for JVP for the greater interest of this nation. Today, political struggle is between the forces of political shrewdness and political innovation. Today, politics has dramatically changed. It is all about efficient management of natural and human resource, it is all about good public service, it is all about how to attract investment into this nation, it is all about how to enrich the human potentiality and skill development of this nation. It is all about creating corruption free public administration. Only JVP could do all this in perfection. Because, they do not have any intention to make money out of politics. 

As of today, JVP is the only political party that could create a corruption free politics in Sri Lanka. UNP, SLFP and SLPP are addicted to corruption and fraud. They are mutual partners in corruption. A group of robbers protecting another group of robbers. Not all of them but some of them in each political party. All these three parties protect thieves and public money looters. So, people must make this distinction in voting in this election. If people want to see a corruption free Sri Lanka, they must vote for JVP. I see some innovative ideas from the politics of Sajith. Yet, can punish thieves and looters. I do not think so. Many politicians from UNP, SLPP and SLFP are trading with politics.

Politics is a big money-making machine in Sri Lanka today. So, if you want to make a meaningful change in politics in Sri Lanka vote for JVP. At least give your second preference votes for JVP. If people from UNP, SLPP and SLFP could give their second preference votes to JVP, JVP could create a political history in Sri Lanka. I think that AKD could secure more votes than other twos in preference votes. All this depends if we can have a corruption free election.

Imran Kahn made political history in Pakistan. We could repeat that political change in Sri Lanka too, if only people vote for AKD in this election. People prefer AKD and yet, political parties do not allow them to vote for AKD. Sri Lankans must teach UNP, SLPP and SLFP a lesson in politics. They should give their votes to AKD as protest votes in this election. This is to send a good political message to all politicians that people are no longer ready to tolerate corruption and fraud in this country.

If we all put the national interest of this country above our personal and communal interest, Sri Lanka could become one of strong economies in Asia. That needs a strong political leadership. I think AKD has more talent and more skills than any other two candidates comparatively. Yet, will people of Sri Lanka appreciate that in this election?

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