Sri Lanka: Sajith will win?

Sajith has earned 162354 more likes than Gotabaya on Facebook

The forthcoming presidential election in Sri Lanka is a highly competitive race. People are expecting to vote for electing the seventh executive president of the country on the third week of November.

There are over thirty candidates on the queue to be next President of Sri Lanka. Two out of dozens of candidates are spending billions to attract more attention of the voters, while some of private media channels in the country are pathetically engaging in unethical propaganda to elevate the image of their favourite candidate.

Sajith Premadasa 
According to the sources, Social media such as Facebook are thrilling over the income they are receiving from Sri Lankan accounts. Here are some interesting statistics on two Facebook pages maintaining by the top two candidates.

Official Facebook page of Sajith Premadasa, Presidential Candidate of the United National Front have earned 691,103 likes while Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Presidential Candidate of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna received 528,786 likes. Difference between them is 162354 likes. Meanwhile, total followers of Premadasa’s Facebook page are 689,826, while Gotabaya’s Facebook page followed by 548,351 fans.

Like many poll predictors assumed, this is a highly competitive race and the winning margin will be very small. Is Facebook indicating the reality in advance? Let’s wait, only a few days left.

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