Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh aiding by foreign militants?

Narayanganj Militant Den engenders Alertness

According to Sri Lanka Guardian's columnist in Dhaka, Swadesh Roy, the possible but dangerous links between Rohingya refugees and foreign militants facilitating and developing by some Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in the country.

by Swadesh Roy writings from Dhaka

The police of Bangladesh seized several bombs and bomb-making materials from a militant den in Narayanganj, a river port city near the capital Dhaka, and they arrested three people, one university teacher, one banker and another student suspecting them as the members of New JamaatulMujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). Again, more than two years ago, police raided two militant dens in this same river port city, Narayanganj, and in one of the operations, police successfully killed one of the masterminds, TamimChowdhury, who was even involved in the terrible terrorist attack at Holy Artisan Bakery at Gulshan in Dhaka city. Though, the attacker of the Holy Artisan Bakery claimed themselves as the members of Islamic State (IS).

Policemen in Bangladesh 
The key planner, Tamim, joined in IS fight in Syria too, but the police of Bangladesh, to be fair,even the highest authority demurred to admit that the Holy Artisan attack was held by the IS members, not only that, the police of Bangladesh said that the New JMB did it. The, then time, police and the elite police force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) successfully operated at least six or seven operations in Dhaka city and Savar, situated near Dhaka. In all the operations, police arrested some women terrorists, they were educated, and to be precise, most of the terrorists, be it male or female, were educated.

In Bangladesh, two terrorist groups, New JMB and Hizbut Tahir, attracted the educated young people, moreover, New JMB and Hizbut Tahir have their bases in many universities where they set up reading clubs and leadership training centers intentionally to discuss about how a society or a state can run properly by the Islamic law and how much worse this modern state concept, basically, the democratic and socialist ideology is. To elaborate,many of the prominent radical teachers of the Universities help them to nurture these ideas among the young students in the study group of Hizbut Tahir. Some newspapers and other media wings created awareness in these issues through their news about them.The Government of Bangladesh also banned these two organizations in spite of the fact that their leaflet, booklet, and posters come out mysteriously. As the Government has banned these two terroristorganizations and as after the attack of Holy Artisan, the law enforcement group went heavily upon the New JMB members with theirall successful operations, at least two years, no activities of them come to light. But, during last year, five bomb attacks were happened on the police in Dhaka city where Police did not get any clue of those attacks. After this Narayanganj operation, the police authority came up with the remarks that they have got few clues that those five attacks were apprehended by this New JMB. Since the all the attack, Israeli analyst Rita Katz's Site Intelligence claimed that it was the attack of IS. Even though, the police authority of Bangladesh did not respond to the Site Intelligence remark.

Now, after this Narayanganj operation, it is clear that why police were mum about the Site Intelligence remark. They wanted to find out who was the main culprit. Subsequently, police discovered the Narayanganj den at that time, when bad features are coming out from the Rohingya refugee camp, which is situated in a very strategically important place of Bangladesh. Last 25th August, in the Rohingya refugee camp, a significant incident happened. They arranged a rally by the help of some Non-Government Organizations (NGO) that are connected with international militant groups. Few of them allegedly described that they are financed by Pakistan and Turkish militant groups. So, the government marked 40 NGO's and their all activities. Government has officially banned them, but in the practical field, they are now working with other NGO's. Some local people, who live by the side of the Rohingya refugee camp, their opinion is, in the name of someNGO’s some people are supplying arms to the Al-Yakin, one of the terrorist groups in Rohingya refugee camp. Even the common Rohingya refugees are now afraid of them. This terrorist group is destroying their normal camp life. According to some sources, the New JMB and Hizbut Tahir also get some fund from in the name of some NGO.

Given this context, it is an alarming time for the reason that Al-Yakin and the New JMB activities are breeding simultaneously. That's why, now, the police authority has to do a master plan to prevent this situation. Al-Yakin is working very strategically alongside the border area of Bangladesh. On the other hand, New JMB is organized in the capital and its suburbs. Besides, the river port city Narayanganj also a very strategic place for the hit and run attack policy of the militants. To make den in Narayanganj, they can easily hit in the Dhaka city and run away to their shelter place in Narayanganj. Therefore, all the suburbs of Dhaka city and the Rohingya refugee camp should be taken under more tactical surveillance by the law enforcement authority.

Swadesh Roy, Senior Journalist, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a highest state award-winning journalist and can be reached at

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