An Open Letter to World Health Organization

I earnestly appeal to Dr Tedros and under your stewardship of WHO would soon take concrete steps to tear down all biological weapon manufacturing facilities wherever they are in existence.

by Anwar A. Khan


Dear Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, Geneva, Switzerland,

Greetings from a most ordinary senior citizen of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a Southeast Asian country.

Because of Coronavirus or COVID-19, a short note as of March 27, 2020 is appended down the stairs:

Countries affected
48 people
11 people
5 people
Spread about 200 countries or territories
B. World

576,311 people
129,988 people
26,413 people

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is officially a pandemic now. It is not the flu. It’s worse. It’s deadlier, more contagious, and more likely to severely disrupt our health care system. No, this is not like the seasonal flu. It is worse.

It also has a higher potential to overwhelm our health care system and hurt people with other illnesses.

At present, there is also no vaccine to combat it, nor any approved therapeutics to slow the course of its toll on the human body.

Sober-minded epidemiologists say, without exaggeration, that 20 to 60 percent of the world’s adult population could end up catching this virus.

Biologically, it behaves differently than the flu, although some symptoms are similar. It takes around five days for Covid-19 infection to develop symptoms, the most common are fever and a cough. For the flu, it’s two days. That potentially gives people more time to spread the illness asymptomatically before they know they are sick.

Around the countries, health care providers are worried about their facilities being overrun with an influx of patients, and having to ration lifesaving medical supplies.

So, according to your esteemed organization, “Health care is under attack. The sanctity of health care, the right to health, and International Humanitarian Law are threatened. Such attacks deprive people of urgently needed care, endanger health care providers, and undermine health systems.”

Dear Dr Tedros, I am in full agreement with WHO when it says, “I envision a world in which everyone can live healthy, productive lives, regardless of who they are or where they live. I believe the global commitment to sustainable development – enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals – offers a unique opportunity to address the social, economic and political determinants of health and improve the health and wellbeing of people everywhere. Achieving this vision will require a strong, effective WHO that is able to meet emerging challenges and achieve the health objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. We need a WHO – fit for the 21st century – that belongs to all, equally. We need a WHO that is efficiently managed, adequately resourced and results driven, with a strong focus on transparency, accountability and value for money.”

I also concur your words, "Together for a healthier world.”

We are in the know that the World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. It is part of the U.N. Sustainable Development Group.

We also have taken a vow to jointly, where WHO would play the major role as our guardian organization, smack-down this man-made deadly virus sooner.

Now if we look back: A major superpower has been committing crimes in different forms of staggering proportions across the world during the last seven decades to keep its domination high over every country.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a biological weapon manufactured by that world power in another country veiling its own evil schema and it is waging economic war on the countries using the virus. It has been accused of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. The international media is controlled by them and their vassal states. So, they are deliberately hiding their double-dyed actus reus or life-threatening harm against people in general in countries across the world. It has also gone out of its mastery and recoiled to its own court as Frankenstein's monster as nature’s punishment.

The truth is that this great powered country has many labs which deal with the deadly Virus-like coronavirus. And it is an open secret matter to people all-over the world.

Today, most people of that country fancy themselves to be benevolently ruled by a smug entity dressed up in democratic finery that still remains, in fact and law, a provisional administration has kept carefully controlled. It still serves their own agenda only. We shall remain under the worst enemies as long as lunatics in that country run things. They will kill us all if they are not stopped.

No state is safe at their wretched hands. Considering the super-power’s horrendous past track record, this is a somewhat logical approach, for a change.

It is also a sly fox for its own business interests. It is high time now that people all over the world should raise their voice in unison in a very louder tone to dismantle all labs where biological weapons are manufactured to do harm only to humanity. Here Dr Tedros Sir, your role is of dire emergency needed one to save the rest of humans throughout the world.

We know beside the deep river or ocean created by that power-house for people’s pitiless death throughout the world using its biological weapon putting the guns on the shoulders of other countries, people would walk on and on, while the flowers at our feet and the birds up above argued so sweetly on reciprocal love, we want to lean on their shoulders. Shall we ever forget at the Grand Opera when music poured out of each wonderful star at their call? Diamonds and pearls, they hung dazzling down over each silver and golden silk gown, but people are fair as a garden in flower as slender and tall as the great Eiffel Tower. They would soon be the sun on one arm and the moon on the other. The sea it was blue and the grass it was green. Every star rattled a round tambourine ten thousand miles deep in a pit there the dead people lay: But they frowned like a thunder and then they go away.

I earnestly appeal to Dr Tedros and under your stewardship of WHO would soon take concrete steps to tear down all biological weapon manufacturing facilities wherever they are in existence.

People are for living in this world in peace. Death is universal, but we do not expect such an unpitying death! So, for saving the mankind from this type of lethal virus, it is our earnest or urgent request to you, Honourable Sir, to act as our guardian to stop all these buncombes. We stand-by your endeavour in this respect.

-The End –

The writer of this note is an ordinary senior citizen of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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