Sri Lanka: Former Foreign Secy on China move

The tele conversation, calling for the resumption of Sino-SL cooperative projects, despite the COVID challenges, signifies two things - the importance China attaches to its relationship with Sri Lanka and the resilience and commitment of China to press ahead with its strategic out-reach programmes, like the BRI,  undeterred by any adverse impacts the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on China's rise, H.M.G.S. Palihakkara, one-time Foreign Secretary, who held several key positions, including a top position at the UN, Palihakkara said so in response to a media query.

The former Northern Province Governor said: "Sri Lanka, looking, as it is, to seek and receive substantial external inputs to its post-COVID economic recovery process, must seize this opportunity for that purpose while proceeding with necessary geopolitical prudence in keeping with the policy of strategic neutrality articulated by the President in his inauguration speech at Anuradhapura." 

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