Racial Discrimination- A Curse and a Crime

Discrimination against the black-people is not limited just to the American society; this type of racial discrimination has many times been reported in China too.

by Ali Sukhanver

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has recently said in a statement that the Chinese threat to India and Southeast Asian nations is one of the reasons America is reducing its troop presence in Europe and deploying them to other places. He further said, “The actions of the ruling Chinese Communist Party mean there are threats to India, threats to Vietnam, threats to Malaysia, Indonesia and the South China Sea challenge. We are going to make sure the US military is postured appropriately to meet the challenges.” In other words the US has decided to jump into the conflict and confrontation between India and China. Experts are of the opinion that at this very critical juncture of its history when the Whites and the Blacks in the country are at daggers drawn, the US must not step into another war which in fact doesn’t belong to the people of the US. They are forecasting the same situation which the US has been facing in Afghanistan for the last many years. It is the most urgent need of time that the Trump administration must focus only on minimizing the racial differences on priority basis.

African nationals in China 
Though the so-called civilized and highly educated western society claims, it has wiped off the curse of slavery from the world forever but unfortunately, the Black people are still being treated as if they are the slaves. The White people do not try to understand that the Black people are not ‘black’ by choice. God made them black. If it were in human control, not even a single person would have opted for the Black skin. It is the result of this racial discrimination and disliking that today the most advanced country of the world America is facing the ever worst situation regarding law and order. Everywhere there is nothing but one slogan resonating; Black Lives Matter. The wave of agitation and protest seems crossing the American boundaries. However, it is yet unclear whether the Black Lives Matter movement is against the police department or against the White people but whatever it is; one thing is alarming that in some of the demonstration against George Floyd killing, the protesters in different European countries tried to destroy the statues linked with slavery. If the protest was against the police brutality, the protesters would never have targeted the statues linked with slavery. It seems very clear that a racial-war between the Black and the White people is in the offing. This war, if not controlled over, may prove a serious threat to the US supremacy in the world. The actual issue is not to save America from disintegration or to keep away China from occupying the seat of the World Super Power; the actual problem is; how to save the black people from racial discrimination.

Discrimination against the black-people is not limited just to the American society; this type of racial discrimination has many times been reported in China too. The ABC News last April published a very detailed report on racial discrimination against the African-Americans in China. The report included detailed statement of an African-American Andrew who has been teaching English language in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou since long. He said talking to the ABC News, “As COVID-19 cases originating in China appeared to decrease, and cases that the government said ‘were brought into the country from abroad increased’ being foreign in China, and especially being black, meant feeling unwelcome in certain places. In the past couple of weeks, things have changed drastically.”

Earlier to that a health alert was also issued by the Chinese authorities in the second week of the last April; this health alert was seriously objected by the US Consulate General Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China. According to US Consulate General Guangzhou the alert directed the local police to keep an eye on bars and restaurants so that they might not serve clients who appear to be of African origin. Some of the African-Americans have launched a complaint that some businesses and hotels are refusing to do business with them. Apparently all these instructions and directions seem directly linked with the pandemic of Covid-19 but inwardly it seems that the African-Americans have to face same racial discrimination in China which they are allegedly facing in the American society; say some experts on racial issues. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian categorically rejected all these allegations levied by the US Consulate General. He said “At a moment when the international community urgently needs to work together to fight the pandemic, the US side is making unwarranted allegations in an attempt to sow discords and stoke troubles. This is neither moral nor responsible. We suggest that the US had better focus on domestic efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Attempts to use the pandemic to drive a wedge between China and Africa are bound to fail.”

Any kind of discrimination, whether racial or religious, is no doubt a crime against humanity. For a peaceful and prosperous future of the world, we will have to discourage this evil at every level. And one more thing must also be kept in mind that racial discrimination is not only faced by the African-Americans; in India the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians and the low-caste Hindus commonly known as the Dalits are also the worst victim to the racial discrimination. If there was no religious or racial discrimination in India, the Sikhs would never have demanded a separate homeland for them.

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