Sri Lanka: Joke of the year - Demanding justice undermines Sooka's rights

If someone is aggrieved by the work of justice expert Yasmin Sooka, is it wrong for the aggrieved party to seek justice against her? How can it be a threat to her life? In which book of law has it been said?


There are people spreading outrageous lies about the lives of others to gain personal benefits. Once that ugly habit is revealed on the public domain, those people behave as ideological monsters. Then they will try their best to deceive the international community particularly those who are funding them. They will scheme to destroy the people who reveal the truth. This ruthlessness has transcended the boundaries of countries and the parameters of civilizations.

Yasmin Sooka
We have no personal issues with any of these people as we do not intend to disturb their liberty. But we have fundamental issues about acts of these people on common socio-political issues.

An open letter related to transitional justice expert Yasmin Sooka is being shared on social media networks. The letter was published by a group claiming to be standing for this expert Yasmin Sooka.


According to the letter, the Head of Sri Lanka’s State Intelligence Service has threatened her life and attempted to assassinate her character. We tried extremely hard to find the nature of the threat in the letter of demand issued by the head of Sri Lanka’s intelligence chief. But the letter by a group of human rights defenders, interestingly, reveals nothing about the threat but bragged about the noble and notable service of expert Yasmin Sooka.

We’ve read about Yasmin Sooka as well as about the head of Sri Lanka's intelligence through media reports. We have no personal preference or displeasure with anyone. But the case is very important to understand the credibility of each party. Sooka represents the civil society and not hundred maybe thousands of NGOs and other social groups are behind her. The head of Intelligence in Sri Lanka as a common man who worked for the State is demanding justice.

As a transitional justice expert, Yasmin Sooka has held a variety of responsible positions. But how much respect she has for those positions is unclear. As we previously reported, there are questions about her nature of expertise. Some reports she has published about Sri Lankan affairs are false and ultra motivated with political objectives. She has also published inaccurate photographs of some targeted person. These are not small mistakes.

As an expert by all mean she has deliberately ignored that justice is all about fairness. How can one claim that she an expert injustice if she relies only on one side story? If you are an expert in any subject area you should prove it by your actions rather than by boasting or bragging about positions you have held. If you are a genuine expert you should come forward and prove it by yourself rather than using proxies to defend you.

Bottom line is that transitional justice expert Yasmin Sooka tries to avoid the real problem by stating that Sri Lanka's intelligence chief is threatening her. The strange letter published by a group of human rights defenders is nothing but a mask of an ugly face. This is very obscene.

Why can’t she come forward to prove herself is clear than using proxies? If someone is aggrieved by the work of justice expert Yasmin Sooka, is it wrong for the aggrieved party to seek justice against her? How can it be a threat to her life? In which book of law has it been said?

In fact, according to the reports published in media, the Sri Lankan intelligence chief is demanding justice. Is it wrong? If you are a true expert on the said subject why can’t you come forward and face the real issue without playing jiggery-pokery? If someone avoids the real problem by using the outsiders as her first line of defence and spreading lies instead of defending truth is nothing but a shameful to the very meaning of humanity.

Those who are standing for human rights or any related issues of human liberty have two main choices. Do you want to be a modern Goebbels disguised as human rights defender? Or, Do you want to stand with the principles of true reconciliation like how late-Mandela lived his life? The choice is yours!

If you have the desire to find a solution to the complex problems and crises in the world, the first and foremost step is to practice how to respect the truth. Please, don't try to live a life with a load of lies, because we have seen and experienced such putrid characters over and over again on the down lane of civilization. They have entertained their desires at the plight of humanity while exploiting great opportunities.

What the world needs is not hypocrites who have profound philosophical answers to the problems of others, but people who live in conscience who can produce credible social reforms. Kindly don’t take this personal, but, if you are willing to, try to get the very crisis of principles we are questioning!

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