Sri Lanka: Local TV-Channel misleading its viewers over Palestinian issue – Embassy

Following statement issued by the Palestinian Embassy in Colombo

The Embassy of the State of Palestine would like to clarify its position with regard to the TV broadcast by Ada Derana, which has singled out a part of the report submitted by the (CID), pertaining to the Easter Attacks of last year to the Fort Magistrate’s Court on Friday 19th, which was aired in June 2020.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Depending on the official report of the CID which includes a very misleading slander, the Embassy is rather surprised that this report is taken out of context and aired with the specific agenda of denigrating Palestine, its people and their just struggle, especially here in Sri Lanka which we consider to have a very clear understanding of the Palestinian cause against the Israeli occupation, which Sri Lanka and its government are staunch supporters of. Further falling into the trap of misleading the public who are aware of the Palestinian issue and have always shown strong solidarity with Palestine is very disheartening.

Also Christians are Palestinians sharing the struggle against the Israeli occupation, as a result of Israeli criminal acts and oppression against Palestinians. Christianity is an indigenous part of Palestinian culture. As Palestine being the birthplace of Jesus Christ, (Peace be upon Him), Christians and Muslims are one Nation.

Therefore highlighting this particular part of the report which is totally un-factual and brainwashed is misleading especially to the public here in Sri Lanka.

Palestine, which is subject to Israeli terrorism has always condemned all forms of extremism and terrorist activities all over the world and rightfully condemned in no uncertain terms the Easter Bomb terrorist attack on innocent Christian and other civilians in Sri Lanka in April 2019.

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