Sri Lanka: God Kataragama in shock: The acting Basnayakanilame insulting the purity of a scared place

A few years ago, a man claiming to be Mahinda Rajapaksa's son took two women to a hotel in Kandy and threatened the management to give them a single room to stay. He became the acting Basanayakenilame of the Kataragama Devalaya (Temple) about two years ago. The reason for this extraordinary appointment is that the company owned by the family of this Basnayakenilame is supporting the previous government.

However, it is reported that the entire Kataragama sacred area is facing a deplorable situation due to the actions of this Basnayakenilame.

A senior caretaker ( kapumahaththaya) working at the Kataragama Devalaya talked on condition of anonymity stated that the terrible damage caused by this acting Basnayakanilame to the well-maintained reputation of the temple was tremendous.

“The man who was appointed as the acting Basnayakenilame has no qualifications for the post. This person was appointed to this post with the help of the corrupted elements of the previous government. Unfortunately, at present he and his family members are deceiving the key players of the present government, therefore he is still working in that position. Due to this, great damage has been done to this historic sacred Devalaya,” said a senior caretaker of the temple.

Commenting on the displeasure felt by the staff of the temple and the people of the area, the Basanayakenilame had bragged several of his friends without any hesitation, "He can do whatever he wants with his surname “Rajapaksha” and no one in the present government will act against him."

“What I and family members are wanted is to take photos and videos with the leaders visiting here. So then we can influence any party we want to win over our objectives,” he has told an informal gathering recently.

Only God Katharagama can solve this kind of problem, people in the area asserted.

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