Sri Lanka: What the Country needs today is unity of all Communities

It is very clear that whether one is a Tamil or a Sinhalese or a Muslim, we all had Tamil mothers.

by V. Anandasangaree

We can’t go on like this for ever. A solution should be found without any more delay, to unify all Communities. The various communities in Sri Lanka should shed all their suspicions against one another and get united. I am of the opinion that lack of knowledge of certain events in the history of our country, is the main reason for the distrust that had developed among the major communities in Sri Lanka, over a period of time. It had resulted in one group looking upon the other with suspicion. What Percentage of the country’s population knows of the ancestral relationship the Sinhalese and the Tamils have and also the Muslims.

The history of our country, as known to most of us is that Prince Vijaya took the Pandiyan Princess, from Madurai in Tamil Naad, as his wife. So were the 700 followers of Vijaya for whom King Pandiyan sent suitable maids. I quote below the following paragraph from the “Mahawamsa.”

“When he had thus obtained many maidens and had given compensation to their families, he sent his daughter, bedecked with all her ornaments, and all that was needful for the journey, and all the maidens whom he had fitted out, according to their rank, elephants withal and horses and wagons, worthy of a king, and craftsmen and a thousand families of the eighteen guilds, entrusted with a letter to the conqueror Vijaya (Chapter 7 – 55 to 58)”

History had also recorded that the Arabs who settled in Sri Lanka took Tamil and Sinhalese women as their wives.

It is very necessary for every Tamil to know what the Father of the Nation, Rt. Hon. D.S.Senanayake told the Tamil Members of the out going State Council. He asked them whether they preferred to be ruled from London or want as Ceylonese, help to Govern Ceylon. Concluding his notorious speech, He as a good statesman assured “On behalf of the congress and on my own behalf, I give the minority communities the sincere assurance that no harm need you fear at our hands, in a free Lanka”. This assurance by no less a person than the late Rt. Hon. D.S.Senanayake, who was later acknowledged as the Father of the Nation, convinced the Tamil Members of the State Council. Taking his word as gospel truth, they all unanimously voted for the adoption of the new constitution of Lord Soul bury, that was to come into operation on the country attaining independence on the 4th February 1948. and Rt. Hon. D.S.Senanayake as our first Prime Minster of Sri Lanka.

It is very clear that whether one is a Tamil or a Sinhalese or a Muslim, we all had Tamil mothers. No one can deny this if we have faith in “Mahawamsa”. If this position is accepted, not because I am saying so, but because it is a part of the recorded history of Sri Lanka, “Why should we fight among our Selves?” should be the question that we should ask ourselves and every other person in Sri Lanka, over and over again.

My comment “Breath there the man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said this is my own my native land.” – A Poet

V.Anandasangaree, Secretary-General, Tamil United Liberation Front.

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