Sri Lanka: Daughter uses ‘death certificate’ of living mother to get French citizenship

Father of two (?) daughters died in 2014 but fake death certificates stated both mother and father killed in mortars in 2009.

by Our Defence Correspondent 

Many international rights groups representing the international community have not given up the habit of looking at Sri Lanka with suspicion. The most recent example of this kind is the recent statement made by the High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Commission regarding Sri Lanka at the ongoing 45th regular session of the Council. 

What is the bottom line? It is said that there are three things in the world that cannot be hidden forever, the sun, the moon, and the truth. 

Many of the accusations are not based on facts but predictions and twaddles. This is because none of these critics, who pretend to be intellectuals and pioneers of human rights, are in the habit of visiting this country to see the truth. They are usually presenting their usual criticisms unilaterally instead of conducting independent and comprehensive studies on the ground realities. Isn’t it very indecent and obscene behaviour? 

As a part of this routine style of certain bodies in the international community, there is also a lot of untruth in the global conversation about human rights violations such as enforced disappearances that allegedly took place during the war on terror. The war was a battle against the cynics who sent innocent children to war with cyanide capsules around their necks instead of sending them to schools. 

However, there are people who tried to get advantages by misleading many influential parties and nations-states. Can you believe there are people who forge documents claiming that their parents are missing or dead? They seek to achieve their personal goals through these fraudulent documents. 

The wise sages of ancient times said that a person who always refuses to see the truth is a deceiver. Therefore, it is important to publicize what is happening on the ground. Not to those who see the truth and say that they have not experienced it, but to those who are willing to gain some understanding by seeing the truth. We’ve reported an incident related to this great deception plot yesterday. Unfortunately, we have information on another similar incident today. 

Yogeshwaran Thabendani, a Sri Lankan citizen, has been in France since 2017 and is “working hard” to obtain French citizenship. In order to obtain her dream citizenship, she must submit to the French authorities the authentic documents required to do so. But she does not have the authentic documents as she is yet another ordinary citizen in Sri Lanka who enjoyed every right granted by the conditions and the international laws & conventions ratified here in Sri Lanka. Therefore, she has decided to deceive the authorities with fake documents. “Better option is to get the fake death certificates of parents,” she may have thought. 

Accordingly, she had obtained fake death certificates stating that her parents had died during the war. Lucky her, government officials in Malligeitivu, Pudukuduirippu have also provided the necessary assistance. 

Thabendani has asked her sister back in her home in North, Ms Deeparani Ravindran to obtain death certificates stated that her parents, Mr Krishnapillai Yogeshwaran and Mrs Yogeshwaran Destrimona, were killed in mortar attacks. Subsequently, Ms Deeparani had submitted a letter to the Grama Niladhari (Village officer) of the area requesting that the relevant death certificates with fake data be issued. That was in 2018. 

Accordingly, the coroner of the area has issued fake death certificates stating that the parents were killed in mortar attacks in 2009. But the truth is quite different. True, Mr Krishnapillai, the father of Ms Thabendani and Ms Deeparani, is no longer alive, but he died in cancer in November 2014 while treating in Mancholai Hospital at the expenses of the government and the relevant death certificate has been issued respectively.   

However, confirmed sources told the Sri Lanka Guardian that the mother of the two, Destrimona, is still alive and well in their home town in Northern Sri Lanka. May she be blessed with a long life! 

Following the revelation of this phenomenal fraud, the authorities have taken steps to nab the persons involved and further investigations are underway. The case is being heard at the Mullaitivu Magistrate Court.  

What is the bottom line? It is said that there are three things in the world that cannot be hidden forever, the sun, the moon, and the truth. 

Authenticdeath certificate issued after the death of Mr. Krishnapillai in 2014


Fake Certificate 01

Fake Certificate 2

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