There will be no peace in the region without respecting Palestinian rights - Zuhair Zaid

 The following press release issued by the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Palestinian Embassy in Sri Lanka held a meeting on 17th September 2020, with Head of Missions of Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Maldives, Afghanistan, and Turkey, to update them on the political developments regarding the normalization of some Arab countries with Israeli occupation state.

The Distinguished invitees were briefed by His Excellency Dr. regarding the position of the Palestinian Leaderships strong objection and denunciation to both the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain’s normalization deals with the Israeli occupation state. H.E., stressed that Palestine had declared its strong rejection and condemnation of the US, Israeli and Bahrain – UAE declaration considering these deals as a betrayal of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa, and the Palestinian cause and as a stab in the back of the long years' of Palestinian struggle, the Arab consensus, the Arab Peace Initiative, adopted by the Islamic Organizations, the U.N. and the U.N. Security Council. H.E. indicated that the Palestinian leadership affirms once again that it has not and will not delegate anyone to speak on its behalf except its sole representative which is the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The Palestinian leadership and its people’s position are constant, that there will be no peace and stability in the region without achieving the Palestinian rights including the recognition of their Independent State with Jerusalem as its Capital.

These deals come whilst, the Israeli occupation state continues to control  and annex the Palestinian lands by force, declaring plans for expanding their settlements and constantly working to Judaize the occupied Jerusalem city, control Religious Holy Sites for Christians and Muslims and commit crimes against our people on a daily basis. Further, the occupation state confirms that Jerusalem is their unified Capital and the deals UAE and Bahrain have struck on the basis of peace - for - peace and nothing more.

Palestine considers this deal, as a process of normalization, which means that the two mentioned Arab Countries renounce the Palestinian legitimate rights and accept the right for the Israeli occupation in the historical land of Palestine, also paving the way for the occupation forces to continue to carrying out more crimes and attacks against our people.

Ambassador Dr. Zaid clarified that what has happened was not the real intention of the mentioned Arab Countries and its peoples but it was only intense pressure that had been enforced by Donald Trump, President the United State of America, in order to save the corrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing several cases in courts, while also to help Trump in the upcoming US elections, as he suffers serious challenges by the health situation and discrimination matters that has erupted after the killing of George Floyd and his failure to tackle several issues in other regions all over the World. Moreover, this deal signed by these Arab Leaders is simply to cover their failed policies in the Arab World and the Middle East.

In this meeting, the Head of Missions expressed their countries position of full support to the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, confirming that there will be no peace or stability until the Palestinians have their viable State with Jerusalem as its Capital.

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