Kingsland Police Station Murders Constitutional Rights

Many continues to critique the department especially the chief for his autocratic behavior on social media.

by Udara Soysa

Kingsland Police arrested a youth for video recording despite the former being perfectly legal under first amendment of US constitution.

This all took place on Tuesday the 15th of January 2019. The family is pursuing all legal avenues. Please feel to reach out to the Kingsland Police Department; they can be reached at 912-729-8254. The officers involved are Brandon Todd badge #535 and Samantha Swartz Badge #539 , according to  GA followers website.

This small town in Georgia is becoming increasingly exposed for its continued violation of rights including blocking people who share criticisms on their Facebook site. 

Recently the page posted an unconstitutional warning to those who criticize them with being blocked violating free speech.

“Exercise your 1st amendment right in Kingsland and you get arrested.  What a pathetic police department you have.  Uneducated, blue line thugs is all you are.  The two officers that arrested the photographer, who was in public, filming anything he can see, which is 100% legal, should be fired.  But no all they will get is a paid vacation because the police will investigate themselves and determine the officers did nothing wrong.  Absolutely disgusting.  Qualified immunity should be abolished.  Make the cops personally pay for violating people's rights, not the tax payers,” according to Mike Altman who commented on KPD Facebook page.

Tom Warner who commented on the site stated “Because you refuse to clean up your department; We, the people, can no longer trust or respect you. We will not be Ruled by public servants.

Interestingly the police Chief Jones was also critiqued by many for his recent pro police ranting blaming prosecutors media and all yet unable to clean up his mess at the department.

“Chief Jones is a failure — all he could do is to attack free speech while also using free speech to hide his own inability,” according to Sam Brown who posted on Facebook.

You can visit their Facebook site at

Many continues to critique the department especially the chief for his autocratic behavior on social media.

Udara Soysa is a Sri Lankan American legal practitioner based in Colombo, Sri Lanka 

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