The new technology gadgets on the market today

Tech that have long been buzz words for the future or as “distant drum concepts” have a resonance with the many, not the few. 

by Victor Cherubim

We like most people around the world, are fascinated by exciting new gadgets which “cost the earth”. But all the same we want to own them, if not use them before their time. We want to think futuristic as the present for many, seems clouded and unthinkable. 

From 5 G iPhone 12, to foldable mobiles plus new game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, all are based on technologies that are not quite ready for use now, perhaps not useful yet for one reason or other,but we guess will be in a few years’ time.

I had the opportunity to browse through John Lewis Department store at Oxford Street the other day and I was amazed on what is on offer for the discerning amateur, but more at the range of prices hardly affordable.

We know that the Tech industry is synonymous with change. We wonder whether it is change for change sake. It seemed forward looking products are churned out on poor consumers at the height of the pandemic for a reason. 

Tech that have long been buzz words for the future or as “distant drum concepts” have a resonance with the many, not the few. We see 5G, Augmented Reality, Foldable screens, high tech camera on iPod screens, all playing a bigger role than ever before among products on the market introduced by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others.

What have we learned this this process?

Years ago, the buzz word was “upgrade” your mobile, your TV wide and curved screen, 

your Game Console, today gadgets are important for the following reasons:

1. It gives us the benefit of easy access, getting connected to a fast changing outside world, with or without communication.

2. We get faster, speedier access to all forms of information.

3. We can speed up our work, with time for multi-tasking.

Among some of the disadvantages of gadgets are:

1. Although Technology and tech gadgets have made life easier, with the pace of life increasing communication, travel is fast, movement is, action is quick, it has also made us lazy. 

2. With gadgets today’s youth, and even oldies, have got into the habit of chatting with one another through their mobiles, or exchanging SMS messages, although they are at a same home, under one roof.

3. Communication, rather conversation face to face has become a thing of the past well before the advent of the pandemic. It is highly likely that nuances and direct one to one communication skills by speech may be lost forever. For our “humanity,” I think it is vital for empathic communication.

4. Electromagnetic waves from mobiles nearby, according to some research may alter and cause disturbance in sleep patterns,even fatigue affecting our health and mental ability and agility. 

The future creeping into the present

We also notice today’s technologies are not quite ready for prime-time use. The most exciting new technology, irrespective of what you think of today’s 5G networks, for example, are not much faster than 4G LTE networks. The average upload and download speeds on 5G, is only incremental. But I must leave it to you to test same.

Flexible phones like Microsoft Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 are still too expensive to justify the benefits they offer most people. In my opinion, they are more about setting the stage for the future than offering improvements that are immediately useful in today’s technology. 

Besides, Apple’s iPhone 12, is far from being the first 5G Smart Phone Android device. We do note that makers like Samsung, Google and Motorola all announced multiple 5G phones before Apple. However, it must be admitted that we are expecting to see a big jump in network performance soon.

Why pay a lot of dosh for an occasional lollypop? 

It is also known in the trade that the cost of spending between $700 and $1000 on a new iPhone lasting for at least three years, is out of reach of most users. 

It is also known that within 3 -4 years, 5 G networks are likely to be far more developed and widespread than they are today?

Besides, Foldable phones are not worth the price, the high price for most people for this luxury. After all we know, mobile phones have not changed much in terms of design, since the iPhone was introduced in 2009.

For a layman like me to see, manufacturers have sought to tinker with a “slab of glass, packed with processors, sensors and cameras” altering shape and size. It may not be worth the price for me, but...

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 showcases at John Lewis’ the best what a foldable can be in 2020, but it comes at an exceptionally high price, equivalent at $2000. 

But, for those who insist on having the best of today in your pocket, money is no object to splash their hard-earned cash on the “crème de la crème gadget of today”. It appears they are more like “Collectors” who are despersately wanting to make sure they are getting the finest collector’s item and gear in the market. Who would deny them the privilege?

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