President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s initiative for dialogue with Tamil Diaspora

They would urge the release of long and short term Tamil prisoners held without trial under the PTA.

by Victor Cherubim

NRTSL (Non Resident Tamils of Sri Lanka) UK have taken up the offer of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during his meeting with UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres at UN Headquarters in New York on 19 September 2021 that his Government was ready to have a dialogue with Tamil Diaspora.

In a press release they state Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora over months, if not years, have been looking for ways to be more open to contribute in an appropriate and meaningful manner, according to their means, to be of help and welcome this initiative.

The Sri Lanka Government’s firm intention to build a prosperous, stable and secure future for all Sri Lankans, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender, is long awaited.

They wish to urge the President to engage with the United Tamil Diaspora in UK and around the world for national reconciliation, but also to uplift the lives of all people who have undergone severe hardship, and constraints during the past twenty months of the life threatening Corona virus pandemic.

They note his Government’s sincere interest to overcome the mistrust that has grown over many years between past governments of Sri Lanka and the diaspora in nation building.

They would urge the release of long and short term Tamil prisoners held without trial under the PTA.

They also strongly urge to address the issue of missing persons, to expedite the issue of Death Certificates to put a closure of the heartache of many bereaved relatives of Tamil deceased during the prolonged 30 year war.

Trust is a two way street and they hope to make an appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka through Sri Lanka’s mission in the UK to discuss ways to overcome the urgent challenges and to suggest ways how the Tamil Diaspora could assist immediately.

NRTSL wishes to highlight the need for this relationship to continue with the elected TNA representatives in Sri Lanka. 

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