Sri Lanka: Can Sagala revive the UNP?

Sagala is one of the very few genuine politicians in Sri Lankan politics


The local media has reported that the reorganization of the UNP has been handed over to Sagala Ratnayaka. This is an apt choice and Sagala has the potential to pull the UNP out of the mire. Mr. Sagala is one of the very few genuine politicians in Sri Lankan politics.

Sagala Ratnayaka

A simple reorganization project will not be able to revive the UNP. The party must undergo a complete overhaul on both the structural and ideological levels. Then the UNP has the potential to transform itself into a new political front by recognizing local and regional political trends.

The important thing here is not to waste time blaming those responsible for the defeat. To increase the manpower of those who have the skill and sincere intention to take responsibility within the party for a new desired political culture. There is no need for conspirators to seize power and the people will unite to lead the party to victory. What is needed for this is to identify the youth who represent all ethnic groups in the country and mobilize them. At the same time, it has become imperative to change the administrative structure of the party to suit the current geopolitical trends by understanding the sentiment of the people of the country.

Sagala's political art, unfortunately, is not one that can appeal to the rural masses. He is not a fake actor who can deceive the public to get votes. Therefore, his decision to shift his constituency and pursue his political activities in Colombo district is good for his political future. There is a great demand for the political revival of a constituency like Ratmalana, especially after the assassination of Lalith Athulathmudali by the LTTE terrorists. Several attempts were made but they failed. The upper middle class living in such an area can easily understand Sagala's political art and its mutual benefits. It will be a strategic move to strengthen his politics. 

The social order has changed like never before since the Covid-29 Pandemic. The majority in the country has an interest and desire to change the political culture which has become a paradise for brokers and fraudsters. A gentleman politician with strategic thinking and political ability will be able to recognize and take advantage of this tendency. The selection of Sagala Ratnayake by the UNP to restructure its party can be seen as a strategically important and useful decision at this moment of need. 

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