The Last Trump

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne may idly wonder what would have happened if he had been allowed back into Germany. Would Donald Drumpf now lead an extreme-right party in Berlin? […]


The present conflict started as a clash between two national movements, Jewish Zionism and secular Arab nationalism, and had only slight religious overtones. As my friends […]

Is ISIS Coming?

| by Uri Avnery ( November 10, 2014, Tel Aviv, Sri Lanka Guardian) IF ISIS had approached the borders of Israel this week, nobody in the […]

Son of Death

| by Uri Avnery ( August 24, 2014, Tel Avie, Sri Lanka Guardian) THE WAR was over. Families returned to their kibbutzim near Gaza. Kindergartens opened […]

Poisoning Arafat

Sharon’s Lethal Obsession His decision to start peace negotiations with Israel went totally against the grain of the Palestinian National Movement, which considered Israel as a […]