2 more bullet riddled bodies found & two Bugti farmers killed by the Pakistani forces

| by a special correspondent in Balochistan
( January 06, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Pakistan’s military kill and dump policy continued in Balochistan.According to the reports two more brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies of abducted Balochs found from Windar and Dera Allahyar towns of Balochistan.The first body appeared on tuesday night in Windar area of District Lasbela.The bullet wounds were visible on victim’s head and face.Later, the police shifted body in local hospital,where his identity known by a chit found from his pocket,stated his name, Mohammad Murad s/o Abdul Lateef,a resident of Alahabad in industrial town of Hub.
Separately another bullet riddled body of a Baloch missing person found from Dera Allahyar.The victim identified as Abdul Sattar Bugti.Police sources confirmed that he was missing from last few days.
Pakistan’s military has adopted a new fashion of kill and dump policy in Balochistan.The score of bullet riddled bodies now reaches to 370.According to recent report of the Baloch National Voice (BNV) 297 bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youths found in year 2011.The beginning of this new year seems to be much brutal than the previous years,so far 5 bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youths found in first five days of 2012.
Dera Bugti:The reports are coming from mineral rich area of Dera Bugti that Pakistani military killed two Baloch farmers.According to the initial reports, the Pakistan’s paramilitary force FC opened indiscriminate firing on Baloch farmers of Bugti tribe in Sangseela area of Dera Bugti.
As a result of firing two farmers succumbed to injuries.The victims were busy in harvesting when Paramilitary force opened heavy firing on them without any reason; both men belonged to the “Qasmani” clan of Bugti tribe and they identified as “Chamm Qasmani Bugti” and “Ghabru Qasmani Bugti”.According to family members,the livelihood of the both men was depended on farming and they had no affiliations with any political party.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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