Sri Lanka: German Tech. Boss’s Sexual Exploitation Exposed!

(August 3, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “While the government is getting ready to introduce a fixed standard for the Medical Education, the principal of German Technical training Institute (which hitherto maintained a high standard) Shantha Karunaratne the sex starved scoundrel, on the other hand, is soliciting sexual favors to pass the students sitting exams at the institute”, the Lanka E News reported while publishing a video footage which bears testimony to the sex pervert’s shameless spills and thrills.

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According to the report, “though this sex maniac has been carrying on with his illicit lascivious activities for a long time nobody mounted opposition to it. While a large number of innocent students who fell victim to the sex starved maniac have left the institute abandoning their studies, one intelligent brave student has had the courage to challenge this rascal. She is a resident of the vicinity of Colombo. This sex starved shameless animal of a principal has failed her in several subjects in the exam and has been unrelentingly demanding that she yields to his sex lust if he is to pass her in the exam.”

“The student who went to meet him along with a secret video camera to capture the pictures with a view to exposing this sex maniac had videoed the most disgraceful, shameless, vile conduct of this man. What we have here is a 4-minute recording of a long footage.”

“The victim had gathered all the evidence and lodged a complaints before the Mt. Lavinia police and the Commission of Bribery and Corruption.”

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Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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