Sri Lanka: TTv — Game changing join venture to be launched!

All set for Sri Lanka’s first Shopping Channel 

( August 22, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “The TTv Shopping Channel is a partnership between the Korean national Mr. Park Chung Yong and a well-established Sri Lankan entity. Mr. Yong will be providing the technology and the equipment required to set up its operation here in Sri Lanka. The estimated value of this game-changing joint venture is around LKR 200 million,” the press communiqué issued by the TTv noted.

The press communiqué future reads as follows;

Once completed, the facility will house 2 large production studios, audio recording studios, editing studios and preview rooms. The technology inside TTv Shopping Channel will match existing industry standards of India, Singapore, South Korea.

With the establishment of this unique facility, the artistes, producers and commercial clients will find a much needed resource centre to do TV commercials and other tele-related productions.

As, what is presently available for local commercial producers is sub-standard and lacking many technical features, the TTv facility will fill the void to the relief of all professional in the trade. This TTv vision was not entirely profit-driven and the heads of TTv expressed their willingness to support the industry in their optimum capacity and commitment to its wellbeing and survival.

Fahmida Bulathsinhala addressing the press conference held in Colombo

A concept realized by one of the leading shopping channels in Korea (G.S.home shopping channel) and TTv Sri Lanka, TTv will introduce some leading international brands to its local audience via a website, smart mobile, and a dedicated Tv channel.

The advantage to the local consumer is a click from his/her laptop and the most sought after brand delivered to your doorstep.

The facility will provide the perfect location to create all TV commercials and offer live promotion of consumer items with presenters taking you through the values of each product in an exciting and fun format. Also, TTv can be viewed from Youtube and other PayTv platforms and it will be the 1st such online shopping multi-channel brought to the Sri Lankan consumer.

TTv has already got the attention of GS and new life Korea business establishments and their present annual turnover surpasses USD 10 billion. The fruition of TTv with all these giants will enable the Sri Lankan consumer to directly access about 20,000 popular products in the Asian market.

The TTv channel is planning to develop documentaries on successful Sri Lankan entrepreneurs who have made it from scratch to the current dominant status in the island. Documentaries will even cover the many production processes of popular consumer goods made entirely in Sri Lanka. Clients will get the documentaries FOC, thus enabling them to strengthen and secure their market positions (brand positions) both here in Sri Lanka and overseas.

The management of TTv is comprised of Director – Anura Chandrasiri, Managing Director -Bandula Vithanaarachchi, Director – Hee Hung Joung, Group Consultant- Ms. Kim Hee Won , Ms.   and  Head of Operations – Mrs. Fahmida Bulathsinhala.

The USP’s of TTv:

  1. State of the art South Korean Tv studio built in Sri Lanka for the 1st time.
  2. Total tech-support and operational supervision handled by Korea.
  3. Now the TTv will offer same quality international production facilities to the Sri Lankan clients at locally competitive rates.
  4. Sri Lankan consumers will have access to Korean, Indian, Chinese and Singaporean popular products from one Sri Lankan source.
  5. Budget restricted local artistes will have a partnership option when it comes to their own digital creations.
  6. TTv will be the 1st dedicated business promotion channel in Sri Lanka.
  7. Providing the much needed international exposure to the local talent through TTv’s CSR initiative.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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