The Film Documentary: Diana — in her own words

by Our London Correspondent

( August 8, 2017, London, Sri Lanka Guardian ) The programme stretched itself to 110 minutes, including commentaries from some who said they came to know Princess Diana: “far too well.” The film perhaps, presented itself in “the most portentous manner, as if it were history.”

The Times TV Correspondent, commented that the programme was shown in an untastesful light, especially to slay the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

It said: “He was “all over her like a rash, in their first romantic encounter.” Really?

If he was so inept how then had she managed “to fall in love with him?” Did she?

How did she produce two boys, who are so lovely?

Was there more to it than meet the eye?

Was she programmed for the Programme?

While patronising the nation for falling for a fairytale, it phased itself as one.

“A kind of darkness had fallen on the green and pleasant land.”

The TV critic says:” within it wronged Diana, in her sweetness and confusion, lived again.”

To many in England who knew Diana, The Princess of Wales, her memory was in some respects tarnished by last night’s programme. Is it necessary to recount her life for a

It was a sad story of revealing secrets of both the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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