Sri Lanka: Dialog Fraud — A Customer Questioned!

The following complaint made by a customer of the Dialog, one of the largest telecommunications networks in Sri Lanka, about possible fraud 

by Andrea Brito Babapulle

( September 16, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dialog includes subscriptions to third parties and reduces the subscription rates, though, the customer NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO THESE facilities, for example, Euros and Maxim which reduces Rs 30 per week plus taxes and the latter, Rs 5 per week, including taxes. Dialog then gives you an “Unsubscribe link” which takes you to the said website, which asks for more, additions to the already “Subscribed” webpage, which was not even asked for by you. There is no “unsubscribe”.

I detected these, this week, when my former bills which were in the range of Rs 2000 per month, now are 2900 per week. Further cheat systems are recognized in Iflix movie connections which operate off the “Data time” of the customer, and the public is “duped” by the word “free” when in reality, a slow internet makes streaming a 3 hour movie, go into 7 hours and you end up paying Rs 3500 for the movie.

I would request you to please revert all of these sums robbed by you, by your system, from the date you Included these subscriptions, without my knowledge on my dongle, which is very slow and refund all these sums, at Rs 30 per week plus taxes and Rs 5 per week, for these two. I am in the process of investigating more of your “inclusions” to get these refunded too.

Further, you have a “System” which shows your pop up ads, and calls for an answer, by “delaying” the pop up, until it is either “Closed” or “No”, when it should not be on the system at all. These are charged from the “Data time” of the customer.

My calculation for this refund is Rs 4000 paid on excess on the phone which reverts to the original phone when you have selected a new option to pay the bill, i.e. your link takes you to a number, 0777726113, then reverts to 0776797917, on which there already exists a credit value to the sum of Rs 3000, but the payment ends being made to 0776797917, though the images show, the 0777726113 number. Processed by Harsha at the Kandy MC, not paid to date,

Rs 2000 per week, for the last three weeks, amounting to Rs 6,000 for the inclusions as said above. Rs 10,000 at present. I would like this refunded immediately.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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