Sri Lanka: US$ Millions to lose in Surplus Deal!

The Chief Accountant at the MoD works toward a cabinet paper to sell the ammunition surplus to STV Group for US$ 4 million

by Dudley Palisena

(September 22, 2017, New York City, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Defence is working on a cabinet paper to sell the ammunition surplus to STV Group, Czech Republic for US$ 4 million where whereas are proposals better proposals at twenty-four and thirty-six million, a reliable source in the Ministry of Defence has revealed.

According to the sources, “The Chief Accountant and one of the Additional Secretaries who is responsible for the defence procurement in Sri Lanka, along with the certain interested parties are working together to finalize the deal.”

The following table demonstrated the top five offers by the bidders;

Organization Price (USD)
01 M/s Techno Defence, Bulgaria – Offer2 8,346,594.40
02 M/s STV Group, Czech Republic 4,354,395.57
03 Malawi Defence Industry 24,719,525.80
04 M/s MFG, Russia 13,104,526.19
05 M/s Octopus Consulting & Training Ltd, Bulgaria 36,473,932.59



Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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