Sri Lanka: Senior military officer expresses displeasure by appealing the president


by Our Defence Correspondent 

(December 1, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “I served the country keeping abreast of the soldiers for 36 years of which 20 years at the war front with the soldiers. I made my bed in the jungle for 20 years, I managed to get a single meal a day at most occasions, had a shower using two bottles of water, drank the water in the available streams, ponds, tanks or the river in the vicinity,” Major General Dr. Boniface Perera the senior most serving security services officer has noted in his three pages long appeal to the President Maithripala Sirisena, the commander in chief.

“I would like to bring [these] realistic true facts into your kind attention prior to my proceeding on retirement with effect from 03rd December 2017,” he added.

Major General Perera is an outstanding military personality has long been engaging in academic and research work in diverse fields of discipline, which has shed light to respective fields. Furtherance to the continuous academic contribution, this eminent military officer and a scholar secured the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Economics awarded by Sir John Kothalawala Defence University in 2017 and he is intending to economically empower the retiring soldier who has immensely done his 36 years of service to the Nation.

A copy of the letter follows;

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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