8 more Baloch abducted from Dera Bugti & Buleda areas of Balochistan by Pakistani forces

| by Our Correspondent in Balochistan 
( February 01, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani Military offensives continue unabated in Balochistan and occupying forces violated the privacy of many houses during late night raids in Dera Bugti, Balochistan. Residents of the houses including Women, children and aged-persons were harassed by Pakistani security forces. Five Baloch namely Zafar s/o Meeral, Murad Ali s/o Shah Murad, Haizo s/o Shah Murad, Jumma s/o Shah Murad and Hammal Baloch were abducted during the raids and forces shifted them to an undisclosed location.
In a separate incident the Pakistani paramilitary force FC has abducted three Balochs from Solu area of Buleda in Makuran region.According to the reports FC has abducted Haji Habeeb,his son Abdul Qayum and a relative Haji Roshan from their shop situated in Solu Buleda.

Meanwhile Talking to media reporters and visitors Banok Farzana Majeed, the sister of prominent student leader Zakir Majeed, said that her brother Zakir Majeed was abducted by state secret agencies along with his two other friends in Mastung on July 8th 2009. She said that her brother’s friends were thrown on the roadsides with fatal injuries after subjecting them with severe tortures.

Farzana Majeed, along with many relatives of abducted political workers, currently holding a hunger strike set-in protest in Karachi said that she would not bow before Pakistani state pressure and continue to seek international support for releasing her brother other missing persons.
She lambasted the international community for being apathy towards tragedies that Baloch nation is going through at the hands of Pakistani state. She asked the world community that what would be the condition of a mother whose son is abducted by state agencies and she daily hears the news of abducted political workers whose mutilated corpses are being thrown on desolated areas across length and breadth of Balochistan?
She said that her mother condition is extremely critical and expressed her apprehension saying that harm might have been done to her brother. She appealed the Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International and United Nations to help them put pressure on Pakistan for releasing her brother and all missing persons.
It is feared that all the recently abducted persons will be subjected to inhuman tortured or even killed and dumped like hundreds of other Baloch political activists.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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