A hearing in hell

| by Thrishantha Nanayakkara
(November 22, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) King of hell (KoH): Welcome to hell madam. I gather that you have been a judge, and you have given judgements with clear conflicts of interest. Do you agree?
Accused (Acc): No my Lord, I reject those allegations.
KoH: To be more specific, did you invite a commander in chief who bears direct connections to a case you were hearing to your birthday party?
Acc: I think you have misunderstood the event.
KoH: Please answer my question madam. Did you or not?
Acc: Let me explain my Lord, the commander in chief wanted to come to my birthday party. How could I refuse?
KoH: Ok. I will check that when he gets the turn. Did you accept gifts from him subsequently, knowing that there was a conflict of interest with the case you were hearing?
Acc: Such small gifts in birthday parties were within accepted norms my Lord.
KoH: Are you telling me that it was accepted within the legal framework you were working in?
Acc: Yes my Lord.
KoH: Was it within the norms of the books you read at Law school?
Acc: No my Lord.
KoH: Was it within your oath?
Acc: No my Lord. Can I have a glass of water?
KoH: Yes you may madam. Justice in hell is well within norms of civility.
Acc: Thank you my Lord.
KoH: Do you know the consequences of breaking the moral norms of the profession you practiced?
Acc: No my Lord. But, what if I was forced to betray the norms of my practice?
KoH: I account for that when those responsible get their turn. At this point, I listen to what goes on in your mind. If you find guilty for this accusation, you can be sentenced to round the clock compulsory reading and listening to fairness in the practice of justice till the time arrives for your transit to the next life or till you become true to your heart, whichever is shorter. If your transit comes first, you come back to me again for a second hearing.
Acc: What is the time frame my Lord?
KoH: That is the big issue in hell madam. It can be as long as you are not true to your heart.
Acc: Can I plead guilty and get a less severe punishment?
KoH: Unfortunately no madam. Truth in heart is timeless madam. I will review what you were thinking during this hearing and give the verdict tomorrow. You may take a break in the law library. By the way, if you came from a tropical paradise, please bear with us. The library can have surprises for you.
The accused was sentenced for life with rigorous reading and listening to fair practice of law….


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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