A Meditation facing the mirror

| by Basil Fernando

[ February 24, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardrail]
“A Man’s body is burning at the Torrington Square
There is no one in this country willing to give a voice cut
To condemn this”, a reporter from a TV station told me
Over the phone.
How has such dumbness come to upon us?
Who are we afraid of ?
I mean, who among us, are afraid of ?
Who are killers among us ?
How are they hiding in the midst of us ?
If I protest, will my neighbor betray me
My brother ,sister may betray me ?
How have we come to think way?
To cure our dumbness we must look at ourselves in the mirror
Let us meditate before the mirror looking at our own faces.
Such meditation can cure our dumbness
As did the people of Kerala learn
On the instructions of Siri Narayana Guru.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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